Tail Spend Solutions’ hand in boosting savings

Tail Spend Solutions

What are Tail Spend Solutions?

Tail Spend Solutions is a blend of sourcing network, expertise and technology. It is a complete solution package for the problems related to the Procurement management section.


A variety of functions can be performed using it. Any channel of preference like desktop, email, mobile app or a phone call, all can be put to use.  The analytics are presented both in mobile app as well as desktop. The reporting of the data is done as well on both platforms. Hence, the requests regarding the purchase of tail spend can be done through the given ways.

For those who look for spot purchases in large quantities, the pre-negotiated deals are presented for them. Such deals enhance the chances of savings in the immediate manner.

Any request made in the Tail Spend Solutions offers access to all kinds of ERP software. These software create orders related to purchase automatically. The tail spend management options can be fully controlled with the help of Tail Spend Solutions .These Solutions can scale up and down or easily adjust the management operations.

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The Tail Spend Solutions provide a complete ease in working of the Tail spend management. It covers almost its every aspect and we do not have to think twice before adopting it.  Visualizations are provided when solutions are generated. The data is assessed at a rapid speed that otherwise takes a lot of time. When it comes to presentation of reports, all the detailed information can be found in the Tail Spend solutions. It shows a graphic chart of the changes that have been taken place in terms of cost reduction, production and so on.  Everything in the Tail spend solution is accurate and reliable. It can keep long records without the fear of loss of any kind of data once you save. The display of the information is up to date and saves time as well as some efforts.

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All the employees are compelled to make the incidental a purchase through their platform and this exaggerates the low-value spend management. The ad hoc visibility pushes out the “maverick” purchases. This brings improvement in the process costs and savings. The Procurement technology is fully put into practice and as a result the sourcing opportunities are managed in the best possible manner.

Tail spend fluctuates every month. Demand swings are met in such way as they are very flexible. The involvement and time of staff is reduced by 75%. Another feature of the Tail Spend Solutions is there is complete elimination of inappropriate or unapproved spends. Hence, the Tail Spend Solutions are a great way to manage the Tail Spend operations while managing and providing the accurate data at the same time. It can prove a lot more beneficial in terms of eliminating all the bad purchases and focusing on low-value ones which ultimately brings in benefits. Its flexible nature welcomes the fluctuating demands as well as meeting the necessary outcomes. Where the triage process ensures great savings from existing contracts, category cards keep control over the vendor base maintaining the pace of better pricing.  Additional saving options become a click away through quick source. And in the ordering process, no additional process or system is required. With all these features, Tail Spend Solutions becomes a good choice.

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