Great Spend Management Begins with Rich and Insightful Spend Analysis

 Gain access to real-time visibility of actionable insights to help you identify new opportunities and uncover hidden savings.

Simfoni Spend Analytics distills, organizes and classifies complex spend data to help you achieve the outcomes you seek.

Identify Savings Opportunities

Uncover new savings opportunities

Empower Category Management

Inform category management & sourcing strategies

Manage Supplier Diversity

Align spend with organizational supplier diversity goals

Identify & Eliminate Wasteful Spending

Identify & control maverick spending

Spend Analytics Software


Simfoni Spend Analytics delivers intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards that help the user to visualize ALL spend in one location.  Simfoni quickly aggregates and classifies data from all locations and data sources, and can even integrate 3rd party data to provide you with the richest, and most meaningful insights possible.

With powerful machine learning and advanced AI capabilities, Simfoni Spend Analytics transforms and supercharges the classification process – classifying thousands of records per minute – to provide you with more accurate visibility, faster than ever before.  

Let’s discuss the outcomes you want to achieve, and how Simfoni Spend Analytics can help.

Product Highlights

Opportunity Assessment

Fuse ML and deep domain expertise to interrogate spend data and rapidly identify savings opportunities. Simfoni spend analytics helps you prioritize sourcing initiatives and create savings estimates by spend category.


Benchmark your data against aggregated category data sets to create meaningful savings targets, gain insight into trends, and uncover how your suppliers perform against best-in-class organizations.

Purchase Price Variance

Simfoni's PPV dashboard ensures you always have a pulse on price variations for any item across any supplier. Estimate potential savings, track prices over time, and easily detect inconsistencies across your supplier network.

P-Card Analysis

Simfoni’s P-Card dashboard is designed for better control and management of your p-card spend. With easy-to-understand reports, Simfoni helps internal stakeholders to quickly identify and manage out-of-compliance spending.

ESG Reporting & KPIs

Understand how your organization's purchasing decisions impact the world around you. With organized views of your spend data, you can begin to measure and track performance against corporate ESG and CSR initiatives.

Risk Management

Spend analytics creates transparency that goes beyond spend and cost. It can highlight supply-market exposure and associated risks, helping to highlight elements of your supply chain that could be at risk.

Goodbye, Spreadsheets.

Welcome, Performance-Enhancing Insights.

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Great Spend Management begins with proper spend visibility, but it doesn't stop there.

Leverage Simfoni's composable procurement technology to turn insights into tangible savings opportunities and real commercial value.



Streamline, simfplify, and improve RFx management and other core strategic sourcing processes
Spend Automation

Spend Automation

Expert resources, technology, and automation to bring more of your unmanaged spend under management
Spend Analysis Handbook

Download the Simfoni Spend Analytics Handbook

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