Strategic Spend Terminal
Your All-In-One Procurement Powerhouse

The first and only procurement solution that unites Spend Analytics, Pipeline Management, and eSourcing into a seamless, AI/ML-powered Solution.

Unlock the Power of a Closed-Loop Spend Management Solution

Step into the future of procurement with Simfoni. Our Strategic Spend Terminal offers the tools, insights, and support you need to transform your procurement strategy, drive value creation, and achieve a competitive advantage.

Spend Analytics

With our AI-powered spend analytics solution, all your direct and indirect spend is accurately classified and interrogated. You gain real-time visibility, as well as actionable insights to identify new opportunities and uncover hidden savings.


Simfoni's Pipeline efficiently manages opportunities from Spend Analytics, streamlining sourcing project creation and execution. Comprehensive savings tracking ensures effective procurement optimization.


Leverage advanced eSourcing and Optimization to maximize your procurement strategy. With access to market data, an extensive vendor database and a comprehensive RFP library, Simfoni enables smarter, more efficient sourcing decisions.

Sourcing Pipeline


Our closed-loop solution is more than just a term— it’s 3 integrated best-of-breed solutions that deliver on the promise of enhanced efficiency, transparency, and control of spend. By integrating Spend Analytics, Pipeline, and eSourcing into a cohesive, end-to-end procurement solution, Simfoni eliminates gaps and silos in your procurement workflow.

This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your procurement process works together seamlessly, delivering strategic spend management like never before.

Let’s discuss the benefits of achieving a ‘closed loop’ and how Simfoni SST can help.

Product Highlights

Exclusive 3-in-1 Solution

Simfoni stands out as the only vendor providing three essential solutions – Spend Analytics, Pipeline, and eSourcing in a single comprehensive platform.

Seamless Integration

Simfoni seamlessly integrates with data sources across your enterprise, providing complete spend visibility and control. Centralize and normalize data for a clear view of your organizational spend.

AI/ML Enabled

Simfoni's Spend Analytics platform revolutionizes procurement processes by harnessing the power of AI/ML. By analyzing vast volumes of procurement data, Simfoni helps uncover hidden insights and identify cost-savings opportunities.

Discover Value

Pinpoint changes in price and non-price factors to highlight the most immediate opportunities for value and swiftly add them to the plan.

Plan Strategically

Load and track opportunities via a pipeline that helps procurement prioritize and focus resources on the most immediate value.

Execute Seamlessly

Leverage supplier data, spend data, pricing, and product/service specifications, to fuel eSourcing projects that deliver optimal savings.

Visibility Driven Compliance

Build and maintain one ‘top down’ source from aggregated supplier and spend data, to minimize third-party risk exposure.

Transcend Rules-based Spend Categorization

Don’t allow common business changes to impact spend visibility. Leverage deep AI and ML capabilities to automate spend classification.

Supplier Diversity

Address ESG-related business objectives through spend reporting and eSourcing, connecting vision with action for maximum quantifiable impact.

From Conventional to Cutting-Edge:

All the Tools You Need for Strategic Spend Management in a Single Solution

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Unleash Your Full Spend Potential with Simfoni's Composable Procurement Technology

Modular, purpose-driven solutions that help you to see, source, and manage your procurement spend differently.

Spend Analytics

Spend Analytics

Turn your spend data into strategic insights with Simfoni's AI-enabled Spend Analytics solution


Streamline, simfplify, and improve RFx management and other core strategic sourcing processes
Tail Spend Management

Tail Spend Management

Expert resources, technology, and automation to bring more of your unmanaged spend under management