Increase Spend Impact
without Diverting Focus from the Most Strategic Spend

Discover the opportunities concealed in the long tail of spend and
empower the enterprise through democratized buying and spend visibility

Simfoni Spend Automation helps you bring more spend under management - regardless of your operating model

Actionable Spend Transparency

Leverage powerful spend analytics to identify and manage tail spend

Improved Buying Experience

Seamlessly capture more spending activity

Maximum Process Flexibility

Empower guided buying or centralize intake

Streamlined Supplier Payments

Build supplier relationships and optimize payment terms

Spend Analytics Software

Tame the tail, once and for all

There are many reasons spend ends up in the long tail, and therefore a multi-faceted solution is required to better facilitate those transactions.

With a flexible blend of Simfoni Spend Automation technology and services, procurement can successfully address many root causes of tail spend.

Facilitating supplier payments and user-led sourcing makes it possible for procurement to close the loop on tail spend, guiding transactions that have evaded management in the past and preventing the initiation of rogue purchases in the future.

Product Highlights

Catalog Management

With an ecommerce-like front end and robust data management back end, all users can be equally supported and empowered.

User-led Sourcing

Democratize the capabilities of the Buy Desk so individual users can benefit. Support buyers with a full-service option that allows everyone to focus on what they do best.

Buy Desk

Assist procurement teams in their effort to track KPIs, perform spend analysis, identify opportunities to save, and implement cost reduction strategies.

Invoicing & Payments

Simplify the process of managing supplier invoices and payments while increasing visibility into the process for maximum clarity and trust.

Powerful Analytics

Harness the additional visibility gained through Spend Automation by routing spend into the Sourcing Pipeline for value-driven action

Closed Loop Solution

Bring fragmented transactions back to the core by routing all spend through analytics for optimal management and oversight

Simfoni & Kearney Join Forces to Revolutionize Tail Spend Management

Simfoni partners with industry-leading consulting expert Kearney to advance revolutionary composable tail spend management solution and service delivery model.

Don't fear the tail.

Create an environment where all transactions are efficiently managed.

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Great Spend Management begins with proper spend visibility, but it doesn't stop there.

Leverage Simfoni's composable procurement technology to turn insights into tangible savings opportunities and real commercial value.

Spend Analytics

Spend Analytics

Turn your spend data into strategic insights with Simfoni's AI-enabled Spend Analytics solution


Streamline, simfplify, and improve RFx management and other core strategic sourcing processes