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Spend Management

Now businesses of any size can access the level of automation and discounts enjoyed by larger enterprise organizations.

Procurement may be decentralized with limited headcount and limited procurement technology. Seeking a cost effective spend solution to automate purchasing with access to on-demand specialists to optimize spend and deliver savings.

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Procurement Solutions-
Source to Contract Receive to Pay Requisition to PO Analyze & Optimize for organizations of all sizes.

Spend Automation

‘Pay As You Save’ pricing

Unified Tail Spend Management Platform

Spend Automation™ is a unified spend management platform with ‘Pay As You Save’ pricing - everything you need to stand-up a best in class procurement operation with zero upfront capital investment. The service scales up and down aligned with demand providing flexibility that is perfect for today’s volatile business environment.

Same Complexity, Fewer Resources

Best in Class Procurement Technology

Medium-size companies still have the same product complexity but the spend might be only a tenth of that of a larger corporation. It is simply not practical for medium enterprise companies to indulge in buying expensive specialist software, and system integration services required to go-live, plus the procurement talent that is needed to ‘drive the software’.

Best in Class Procurement Technology
Tail Spend Management

Remote Deployment

Procurement Technology + Marketplace + BuyDesk Sourcing Engine

The platform is configured and implemented without coming onto site. This model allows customers to get going immediately and start saving with the platform operational in days. Implementation includes analysis of customer spend which informs configuration of the Spend Automation™ platform for the customer. We benchmark current prices against our market information and add additional frequently purchased items to our catalogs. The customer’s preferred vendors are added to digital category cards in the platform along with Simfoni regional vendors to receive bids.


Savings Guarantee based on Benchmarked Spend

At the heart of our solution is the Marketplace. Marketplace contains over 250,000 SKU’s with leveraged pricing on commonly purchased, standard items including PPE, office equipment and supplies, stationery, IT hardware, IT consumables, couriers, travel, cleaning materials, marketing consumables and MRO. Up to 80% of total indirect requirements can be sourced directly from the Marketplace.

Procurement Marketplace
Autonomous Sourcing

BuyDesk Sourcing Engine

Your Own Autonomous Sourcing Capability

BuyDesk hub operations are located close to the customer. New requirements are automatically channelled to the BuyDesk through electronic requisitioning platform. Our sourcing specialists are experts in their field. Depending on value and complexity of the product the appropriate resource manages the request to ensure that goods or services are sourced in the most cost-effective way. Our model means that customer has access to procurement experts but only pays a fee based on the transacted spend.

BuyDesk Autonomous Sourcing

BuyDesk is an Autonomous AI Sourcing Engine which automates the bid management process. BuyDesk boosts productivity by automating sourcing activity across both strategic spend and tail spend purchases which releases your team to focus on their priorities.

BuyDesk includes configuration options based on spend type and customer preference.


Demand Driver

What is it suited to?

How it works

Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor Sourcingâ„¢ empowers users to source within a controlled environment.

Our bot guides user through the process to publish the RFQ and select a preferred quote.

Users who want to create and run their own sourcing events using an automated bid platform.

Lower value tail-spend sourcing with low to medium complexity bids where procurement have limited value-add, where it makes sense for the user to run their own events within a controlled ‘safe harbor’ environment.

Spend may include engineering parts and services, plant maintenance, local transportation services, contractors and contingent labor.

Safe Harbor is a controlled environment where users are empowered to run their own online sourcing events.

Our bot guides the user through the process to define requirements, add vendors and publish the Request for Quote.

Safe Harbor controls are set by the customer with the ability to add a Commercial Guardian who is added automatically based on value/category to have oversight over the process, budget and new vendor requests.

BuyDesk Autonomous

BuyDesk automates sourcing of tactical purchases to source rapid quotes and to drive-out savings.

The platform recommends specifications based on spend history and adds vendors from Category Cards.

User has a tactical sourcing requirement for an item or service and needs product and supply options and rapid quotes.

Mid value tactical, infrequent and one-time purchases where the user needs support to quickly source vendors, comparable products and quotes. Spend may include IT equipment, marketing promotions and events, print, IT hardware, MRO.

Unless the process is automated then this creates a transactional burden for the organization.

User raises a requisition and the BuyDesk AI sourcing engine algorithms does the rest.

Our bot flips the requisition into an online Request for Quote and checks for existing vendor agreements and benchmark pricing.

Approved vendors are added from Category Cards which include customer vendors and alternate Simfoni diverse and minority vendors.

Bids are returned within 24-48 hours with the user able to select their preferred quote.

BuyDesk Category

On-demand category experts are on hand to manage higher value sourcing.

Our experts collaborate with users to define requirements, assess supply markets and source suppliers with managed sourcing events run through the BuyDesk sourcing engine.

User wants to achieve the level of savings enjoyed by their larger peers on their more complex and high value spend.

Where additional firepower and category expertise is needed to manage sourcing activity.

Where competition needs to be introduced to drive competition to deliver targeted benefits.

Spend may include raw materials, IT systems, transportation, engineered components, design and creative services and professional services.

Our AI Sourcing Engine automates the entire process aided by category expertise to optimize value and savings.

The platform includes options to use online auction events. Our on-demand experts work with users to define the requirement and to design the sourcing event.

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