Tail Spend Solution

Tail Spend Solution

Why a Marketplace Model is a Key Part of a Tail Spend Solution

For many procurement organizations, catalogs have become the default way to manage indirect spend. It’s easy to see why. Catalogs offer a simple way to manage recurring, low-value purchases. By grouping previously sourced categories and commonly requested items into a single interface, catalogs promise ease of use, efficiency and, of course, increased savings, especially through the reduction of maverick spend. … Read More

Tail Spend Solutions

Tail Spend Solutions’ hand in boosting savings

What are Tail Spend Solutions? :- Tail Spend Solutions is a blend of sourcing network, expertise and technology. It is a complete solution package for the problems related to the management section. … Read More

Tail Spend

Unmanaged Tail Spend: Problems and Solutions : Tail Spend Solution

Tail spend, and the importance of properly managing it, has been widely discussed on our blog and elsewhere recently. By now, most senior business managers should be aware of the concept. … Read More

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