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Simfoni’s AI-powered spend analysis delivers a detailed quantifiable Opportunity Assessment in just a few short weeks. Our partners have been able to shorten sales cycles by over 50% while increasing win rates.  We invented this technology to drive our Spend Automation business, now you can leverage it too.  The leading procurement consultancies are already using AI to deliver rapid time to value, with clear actionable insights and delivering a high value digital asset to their clients.

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Why consulting companies partner with

  • To leverage state of the art, leading edge technology
  • To provide thorough analysis, delighting the customer
  • To receive creditable Independent validated Opportunity Assessments
  • To share easy to understand visual dashboards
  • To improve efficiency, saving both time and money

Simfoni has helped us win more business by delivering a visual message that's easily understood, shortening the sales cycle.

Spend Matters interview: Nathan Jenkins, VP Strategic Sourcing at Versatex

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Why you need in your solutions toolkit?

If you are still on legacy systems…

  • Old methods are inefficient and the risk of errors with shared spreadsheets is high – too high.
  • Clients are expecting more, faster, from their service providers and manual, legacy processes don’t scale well.
  • Differentiation is not clear. If everyone uses the same tools, all solutions look the same.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are even solving the perennial issue of data quality. Complex spend analyses can be automatically refreshed via spend-intelligence solutions that can extract and analyze spend data repeatedly to generate insights with minimal effort.

McKinsey: shifting the dial in procurement April, 2020

How Simfoni Spend Analytics you need?

On our AI-powered spend analytics platform…

  • Cut time to first insight by 50%-70% with standard industry taxonomies.
  • Have your savings plan generated automatically by our Opportunity Assessment.
  • Provide continuous value by analyzing spending trends.
  • Provide beautiful, configurable dashboards for your clients.