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Visibility Re-Envisioned

Gain visibility and control of your business information. Improve Insight, Increase Compliance, Maximize Profits

Simfoni is a leading provider of analytics and enterprise apps for business. Delivered through simple SaaS models, our applications provide businesses with tools and insights that help organizations enhance and streamline engagement with customers and suppliers, whilst reducing operating costs.


Our mobile applications offer superior benefits due to 3 key attributes:

  • Timeliness – users view information anywhere/ anytime, and can view dashboards, raise orders, act on alerts, or urgent orders.
  • Smart Interfaces – using the latest smartphone and tablet technology with voice recording, video and image capture and predictive text, which improves adoption over PC solutions.
  • Information Sharing – cross-platform integration, allowing users to share information seamlessly and quickly.

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Gain insight into all aspects of your data. There is no shortage of information within your corporate systems, with your users, in third-party systems and in the media, but few companies are able to turn this information into actionable insight. Our Sentiment Analysis product provides attribute-based feedback on customer opinion enabling organizations to monitor and influence their reputation. Our Spend Analytics marries internal & market data with our proprietary algorithms to provide actionable insight into your supply chain, highlighting both risks and opportunities for savings.


Empower your entire organization with a procurement service available at the touch of a button. Simfoni’s easy-to-use platform using Mobile Apps run on Smartphones and Tablets increases the level of compliance with company policy and preferred supply deals without taxing the limited resources of your internal procurement team.
The platform can be used for all purchases, and is ideal for managing ‘tail spend’ low value items and rush orders.
Our mobile procurement platform generates high value savings of between 10% – 20% of the order value, and can lead to a reduction in the number of suppliers within your network by up to 70%.


Enablement Services works with procurement and supply chain operations to digitize and optimize performance using the latest technologies and data analytics tools.
We specialize in benchmarking current performance using our digital assessment Apps. We address identified gaps through introduction of streamlined processes run on digital platforms, and build the required capability to sustain the change.
Our Managed Procurement Services delivery arm provides tailored services to manage tail spend purchases to accelerate savings and delivery effectiveness.

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