• AI-Powered Spend Intelligence Software

    Turn complex data into beautiful, intuitive, and actionable spend analytics

  • Optimize Cost Efficiency With Ease

    Reduce Purchasing Costs By Uncovering Hidden Opportunities

  • Turn Spend Data Into Actionable Insights

    The Fastest Most Accurate Way To Optimize Procurement

Master Spend Visibility

Simfoni empowers procurement professionals to master the process of optimizing cost efficiency, spend visibility, and strategic sourcing. Simfoni provides an AI powered spend analytics platform acting as your spend intelligence virtual assistant.

Under the guidance of our world class team of procurement experts, Simfoni’s spend intelligence allows you to uncover hidden value with opportunity assessments that automate the process of identifying savings and minimizing risk.

Turn your most complex data into beautiful, intuitive, and actionable spend analytics using our out of the box dashboards built by procurement professionals, for procurement professionals.

Powerful AI-Human Hybrid Intelligence

Simfoni deploys a proprietary AI powered platform to deliver the ‘Spend Cube’ implementation
and on-going management of spend data from various systems in real time.

Procurement Specific Insights

Metrics Library and AI computing to unearth key anomalies and performance on the key aspects of procurement.

World Class Data Visualization

Optimized for Insights, our out-of-the-box visualizations provide a best in class user experience and engagement.

AI Powered Data Transformation

An end-to-end data pipeline and transformation automation, never before seen, specifically built for procurement.

6 Ways to Support Supplier Diversity

Increase Supplier Spend to Minority-owned Businesses.

AI in Procurement [Podcast]

Learn how Simfoni leverages A.I in its procurement technology.

Spend Automation Platform

Simplifying spend management for all sizes of business.

Data Management

Data workbench allows users to manipulate large data sets like a breeze. Easily manage, re-code & manipulate data, all in console.

Taxonomy Management

Map taxonomy using our auto classification engine and suggestion feature to improve classification quality and coverage.

Tailor-Made Analytics

Built by domain experts, not generalists. Dashboards and insight reporting can be customized to meet specific requirements

Data Collection and Assessment

The first step of the analytics journey is data collection and transformation. Business data – usually present in multiple systems – is collected and mapped using smart relationship algorithms. Our rapid assessment tool provides instant pointers into data quality, gaps, and readiness for analysis.

Taxonomy Design & Classification

The next step of data transformation begins with category tree development and mapping. Flexibility in categorization enables both customization and mapping to standards such as UNSPSC. The taxonomy and data are then loaded to the data workbench for automatic classification and collaborative improvement through user-driven reclassification features.

Analytics & Visualizations

Upon completion of mapping and data transformation, the information is then injected into domain specific visualizations that generate insights and guide recommendations. The analytics dashboards are then reviewed and improved through a configuration workshop to exactly meet the business requirement.

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