A Smarter Way to Identify, Evaluate and Negotiate with Your Suppliers

eSourcing presents significant cost savings for procurement teams. Save time, boost efficiency, and decrease the time it takes to award a contract.

A user-friendly eSourcing and Optimization solution that offers advanced automation and unique insights to help users identify the best supplier award decisions in less time.

Increase Supplier Transparency

Collect the information you need to be more intentional about the suppliers you choose

Automate Workflows & Processes

Automation helps reduce the time it takes to run a sourcing event and award a contract

Faster Award Decisions

Make award selections based on dynamic factors in hours, not weeks

Reach More Suppliers, Faster

Access more suppliers to acheive more competitive price points

Spend Analytics Software

Spend Analytics and Esourcing. Together, Helping You Achieve More.

Simfoni Spend Analytics delivers intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards that help the user to visualize ALL procurement spend in one centralized location.  

With deep spend insights at your fingertips, you can strategize your sourcing events to ensure you are going after the right events, at the right time to ensure the highest level of savings impact for your organization.

Learn how Simfoni is bringing Analytics and eSourcing together with our Strategic Spend Terminal Solution.

Product Highlights

Opportunity Assessment

Start saving sooner by letting Simfoni identify savings opportunities. Review them for estimated savings, ease of completion and alignment with corporate targets.

Sourcing Pipeline

Simfoni's integrated sourcing pipelines allows you to track category-specific sourcing initiatives to help you stay on track with planned savings targets.


Simfoni eAuction helps buyers identify cost savings opportunities, drives competition amongst suppliers, and ultimately helps users achieve better pricing and terms for goods and services.

Decision Optimization

Leverage advanced algorithms and data analytics to make better procurement decisions. Decision optimizations helps organizations optimize various aspects of the procurement process such as sourcing, supplier selection, inventory management and cost optimization.

Savings Tracking

Savings tracking helps organizations capture, analyze, and record procurement-related savings including direct and indirect spend, contract compliance, and supplier performance. Track savings over time, identify trends and patterns and evaluate the impact of your procurement initiatives.

Contracts Repository

Simfoni helps organizations manage their contract lifecycle by providing a centralized location to store, track, and analyze contract data. Digitize contract management processes, reduce risk, improve compliance, increase efficiency, and boost contract visibility and control.

Goodbye, Spreadsheets.

Welcome, Performance-Enhancing Insights.

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Great Spend Management begins with proper spend visibility, but it doesn't stop there.

Leverage Simfoni's composable procurement technology to turn insights into tangible savings opportunities and real commercial value.

Spend Analytics

Spend Analytics

Turn your spend data into strategic insights with Simfoni's AI-enabled Spend Analytics solution
Spend Automation

Spend Automation

Expert resources, technology, and automation to bring more of your unmanaged spend under management