Navigating the Digital Transformation in Procurement: An Exclusive Event with Simfoni and Sony Pictures Entertainment

Digital Transformation in Procurement

Simfoni's mission is to empower organizations with cutting-edge procurement solutions, and this speaking engagement with Sony Pictures Entertainment is a testament to our commitment to driving value and efficiency through innovation.

The rapidly evolving domain of procurement and strategic sourcing demands constant innovation and forward-thinking strategies. This necessity is at the heart of the forthcoming session at the Consero Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Forum, a collaboration between Simfoni and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Scheduled for Wednesday, April 10, this distinguished event is poised to offer invaluable perspectives on the integration of advanced technologies into procurement processes. 

The discussion will be led by esteemed figures in the industry: Jessica Taylor, Senior Manager of Source to Contract Operations at Sony Pictures Entertainment; Ron Emma, CEO of Strategic Spend at Simfoni, and Jen Andretta, Director of eSourcing at Simfoni. Together, they will share expert insights into the transformative power of technology in procurement, setting the stage for a thought-provoking exchange. 

Simfoni, a pioneer in cutting-edge procurement solutions, alongside the iconic Sony Pictures Entertainment, aims to showcase the critical role of innovation in enhancing procurement efficiency, stressing the importance of harnessing the latest technologies to optimize procurement operations and drive strategic value. The collaboration at this forum signifies a mutual commitment to shaping the future of procurement by sharing experiences and learning from the insights of industry leaders. 

What to Expect: A Deep Dive into Procurement's Present & Future

This collaborative session promises to delve into the dynamic role of procurement in today’s digital era, highlighting how technological progress is reshaping strategic sourcing. The agenda is designed to equip procurement leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively navigate the complexities of modern procurement landscapes with agility and confidence. 

Key topics will include the exploration of procurement transformation, strategies for capturing and realizing savings through digitization and data analytics, overcoming digitization barriers, and the impact of generative AI on procurement processes. The session also plans to address the role of technology in future-proofing procurement and share real-world applications and outcomes from digital transformation efforts at Sony Pictures Entertainment. 

Moreover, the forum will feature an interactive segment, inviting participants to discuss their digital technology experiences in procurement, the influence of generative AI, and the integration of sustainability and ethical considerations into their strategies. 

The Consero Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Forum is an essential gathering for professionals dedicated to enhancing their procurement and sourcing strategies. We warmly invite you to join Simfoni and Sony Pictures Entertainment for this enlightening exploration of procurement’s future on Wednesday, April 10. 

Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Forum

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