Spend Analysis

How To Do Spend Analysis

How To Do Spend Analysis? – The Ultimate Guide

How to do Spend Analysis Guide by Simfoni will help you reduce expenses and provide savings delivery in the long term by helping you identify all the sources available for your spend data by category and department. The Guide also … Read More

Spend Analysis

The 4C approach that can improve your spend analysis

The organizations need to have a full view of its functions in order to transform to the better. Procurement requires the control and hold of the total spend done by the different departments. Since the organization has multiple ERPs for … Read More

Spend Analysis Services

How spend analysis services can improve procurement

The company’s procurement strategy must contain spend analysis. A robust and strong spend analysis is vital for the successful procurement in the organization. A matter of concern here is that whether the company gains maximum benefits as a result of … Read More

Spend Analytics

Challenges organizations have to face while implementing Spend Analytics

Spend analytics should be a crucial part of any procurement strategy but implementing spend analytics in the strategy is not easy. It calls for a great deal of effort to make spend analytics a part of the organization. The economic … Read More

Spend Data

How Serco Has Used Spend Data to Generate Business Value

Spend data is a gold mine of valuable information for improving the procurement process as well as driving enterprise-wide decision-making. FTSE 100 services provider Serco learned this first hand when it engaged Simfoni, a provider of spend analytics tools, to change the way it gathered, presented and analyzed its data. … Read More

Spend Analysis

What is Spend Analysis?

Spend analysis is the process based on the organization of the spend data with goal of improving the efficiency and reducing the costs. The steps included in the process are : Identifying Gathering Cleansing Grouping Categorizing Analyzing Real-time data is … Read More

Procurement Technology

Evolving use of Technology and Analytics in Procurement and Supply Chain.

It was a great opportunity for us to bring together a collection of interesting speakers to impart their knowledge and experience of Procurement Technology in the Middle East. On an uncharacteristically rainy February evening in Dubai, we ran the second … Read More

Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis in 3 Easy Lessons

Spend analysis is an important sub-discipline of overall spend management and is primarily concerned with collecting, cleansing, classifying and analyzing procurement expenditure in order to find opportunities to improve purchasing efficiency and reduce an organization’s overall spend. … Read More

Spend Analysis

Taking Insight and Turning it into Action : Spend Analysis

Making decisions based on data is a process that is extremely dependent on how the data is displayed and how it inspires action. In this blog, which is the final installment of Spend Matter’s three-part series, the importance of a solid data foundation is covered, as well as strategies for successful spend analysis efforts. … Read More

data visualizations

Getting the Bigger Picture by Visualizing Spend Data

When it comes to sharing data, how it is shared is just as important as what is shared. These visualizations should be able to answer a number of questions, as outlined in the second installment of a blog series by … Read More