Predictive Analytics in Procurement

What is Predictive Analytics in Procurement?

Predictive Analytics in Procurement refers to the use of available spend, catalog, supplier, and materials data in order to perform analysis that determines patterns and predicts future outcomes and trends. Predictive analysis is comparatively a new term that has been introduced in procurement. But it is being considered as increasingly important specifically for the organizations which already have undergone through the process of spend analytics, consolidation, supplier leverage, and segmentation. Predictive analytics in procurement helps in analyzing what is going on in the purchasing department of an organization to keep the track of purchasing department to understand the strategies, and patterns to keep the inventories of an organization at the optimum level for a better future.

What is done under Predictive Analytics in Procurement?

Predictive analysis in procurement is being done to understand the importance and scope of the purchase with the help of some statistical methods. This process can be helpful in knowing different causes and interdependencies of an increase in the price trends. For this purpose, different statistical and mathematical methods are being used to offer comprehensive results. Predictive analytics in procurement is important to understand and forecast future price trends, future risks to manage and the potentials required with the aid of a proper analysis on the basis of previous procurement data.

Why is Predictive Analytics in Procurement important?

Predictive analytics in procurement is important for any organization. It is because it can be helpful to control the expenditures of any organization and to improve the outcome which an organization can get from its spending. Predictive analytics in procurement allows any organization to identify the patterns in the organization and to predict future possibilities. This organization will be able to collect a huge amount of data which can help the organization to integrate the proof-points by comparing past experiences to predict the future plan of spend management. Predictive analytics in procurement can make an organization able to see the corners which can help in uncovering the potential opportunities and potential future challenges in a better way. With the availability of actionable and detailed insights by big data, a business organization can get more opportunities to grow and to look for the new and trending ways to innovate.

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How will analytics support Predictive Analytics in Procurement?

Data analytics is required for Predictive analytics in procurement to reduce the potential cost and to identify the interdependencies effects on the prices, to support forecast, and to identify the price risks.

Implementation of the Predictive Analytics in Procurement

To implement predictive analytics in procurement in an effective way you have to consider the following steps.

  1. The first and most important step is the cleansing of data. It is really important for the accuracy of fundamental data which is going to be used for the process of predictive analytics.
  2. Identification of the correlation between the drivers and prices
  3. Establishment of a warning system for unnecessary price deviation.
  4. Generalize the required forecast methods

Effective implementation of the process of predictive analytics in procurement can help the organization to make a better decision.

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