Tail Spend Management

Tail Spend

Big Savings in Small Spend — Tales from the Tail

In the world of strategic sourcing, realizing 5 to 8% savings is considered to be impressive. After all, these are the high-spend categories and are supposedly already well-managed and frequently revisited for improvement opportunities. In contrast, when our clients work … Read More

Tail Spend Management

Tail Spend Management in the Trenches: Lessons Learned and Questions Answered

Spend Matters recently hosted a webcast exploring how Owens & Minor revamped its tail spend management strategy using Simfoni, a procurement solutions provider with specialized capabilities in this area. … Read More

Tail Spend Management

Tail Spend Management Webinar

Hear from Simfoni client Jean-Pierre Pinsonneault, Vice President Global Indirect Procurement at Owens & Minor about how the Fortune 500 healthcare distributor has been successfully tackling tail spend. … Read More

Tail Spend Management

Tail Spend Management for the financial progress

Tail spend management is necessary for any firm to improve its financial performance. It is the spend made that is not included in all the categories of spend, rather few that impacts its performance in respect of the finances. Suppliers are many but to each given spend category, very small share is made. … Read More

Tactical Buying

What is the Difference Between Spot Buying and Tactical Buying Within Tail Spend Management?

Continuing on in this series about how organizations can better manage tail spend, we are now turning our attention to spot buying and tactical buying. Is there a difference between these two terms, or are they one and the same … Read More

Tail Spend Management

Better Tail Spend Management is a Clear Priority Among Procurement Professionals

In a previous post, we looked at a study undertaken by The Hackett Group, titled: The CPO Agenda: Reduce Purchase Costs, Improve Agility, and Become a Trusted Advisor, by Patrick Connaughton and Christopher Sawchuk. This time around, we are revisiting … Read More

Tail Spend Analysis

Why it is Important to Properly Manage Tail Spend – Studies and Expert Opinion, Part 2: Identifying and Segmenting Tail Spend for Better Management

In the first article in this series, we looked at a report from The Hackett Group This time around, we are having a look at a white paper from Accenture, titled Getting a Grip on Tail Spend, by Ralf Mägerle, … Read More


What is Tail Spend Management and Why Does it Matter to a Business?

Tail spend refers to all the unmanaged high-volume and low-value transactions that take place within an organization. Tail Spend Management Solutions by Simfoni actively manages maverick spending by consolidating 80% of suppliers who account for 20% of procurement spend and … Read More

Tail Spend Management

The Challenges of Tail Spend Management – Why Corporate America Isn’t Managing Its Tail…and How We Can Start

Tail Spend Management – As market share gains become harder to realize and competition drives prices down, companies are looking to cost reduction initiatives as the easiest path to increased profits. … Read More

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