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Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis in 3 Easy Lessons

Spend analysis is an important sub-discipline of overall spend management and is primarily concerned with collecting, cleansing, classifying and analyzing procurement expenditure in order to find opportunities to improve purchasing efficiency and reduce an organization’s overall spend. … Read More

Spend Analysis

Taking Insight and Turning it into Action : Spend Analysis

Making decisions based on data is a process that is extremely dependent on how the data is displayed and how it inspires action. In this blog, which is the final installment of Spend Matter’s three-part series, the importance of a solid data foundation is covered, as well as strategies for successful spend analysis efforts. … Read More

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Getting the Bigger Picture by Visualizing Spend Data

When it comes to sharing data, how it is shared is just as important as what is shared. These visualizations should be able to answer a number of questions, as outlined in the second installment of a blog series by … Read More

Spend Analysis

Why Data is at the Core of Spend Analysis Success

In the world of spend analytics, gathering accurate data is of utmost importance. However, gathering correct data, although it should be relatively intuitive, is difficult process, and piecing it together is far from an easy task. … Read More

Spend Analytics

Improve your control over procurement spend with our intelligent mobile spend analytics solutions.

Today’s companies are spending more and more of their overall revenue on procurement from third parties. As a result, their supplier bases become ever more complex (often spanning several countries). This makes it critically important to actively and carefully manage … Read More

Data Analysis

Looking at the Big Picture: Is Independent Data Analysis Really Best?

In today’s world, technology gives people in every department, from sales to marketing and PR, the ability to analyze data and make grounded business-related decisions. … Read More

Spend Analytics

Top 3 Reasons Why Procurement Can Immediately Benefit From Reviewing Its Approach To Spend Analytics Right Now

We are increasingly living and doing business in a data-driven environment. This trend has affected the procurement sector as much as, or in some cases even more so, than any other business activity, and has brought with it tremendous opportunities for increased efficiency. … Read More

Spend Analytics Tool

Our SaaS Spend Analytics Tools Have Officially Been Approved by the Crown Commercial Service

As a leading provider of analytics and enterprise apps for procurement & supply chain, Simfoni is excited to announce that they were recently approved as a supplier of SaaS Spend Analytics Tool & solutions by the Crown Commercial Service. … Read More

Spend Analytics

3 Ways Using Spend Analytics will Increase Your Procurement Efficiency

Most businesses, especially those with a business model that has a substantial purchasing element, can benefit from the implementation of a spend analytics system. Spend analysis is a process in which purchasing expenditure data is collected, organized, and analyzed in … Read More

Sentiment Analysis

Using Sentiment Analytics Software to Listen to What your Customers are Saying Online

Sentiment analysis (also called opinion mining or reputation management) is a fairly new technique that is being used by more and more companies as a way to gain insight into what customers and potential customers are saying and thinking about a brand or product. … Read More