Savings Management

eWorld Procurement & Supply

Event – eWorld Procurement & Supply

Come and visit us at eWorld in London 24th September, De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms. We will be demonstrating Simfoni’s new Sourceforce product; Savings tracking, Project Management, and Procurement Knowledge and document storage. New End to end Procurement Management technology. … Read More

Savings Management

Savings Management: Methods to save more

A group of activities that come under the forecasting savings in procurement are related to the savings management. There can be savings mapping to budget, strategic sourcing plans and the tracking of the savings realization (the savings that actually happen … Read More

Savings Management

Savings management in a firm. How a savings software helps in it?

Savings management in terms of finances is termed as the forecasting or estimation of the savings on the basis of plans carried out under every activity. Every firm keeps aside a definite amount of transaction or returns which are called savings. Saving management in a firm is the result of combined efforts from both the suppliers and customers. … Read More

Savings Management

Supply Chain Visibility starts here! – Savings Management

When we talk about Supply Chain visibility, you may be thinking about some complex data analysis tools, methods, visualization or even insights. No, in this article, we are talking about something even more fundamental, the classification of products or services which sets the foundation for supply chain visibility. … Read More

Savings Management

Escaping the “pay less” cycle – Three alternate spend strategies to drive savings

The article discusses three additional spend “levers” that appear straight-forward on the surface but seldom get the attention they deserve, let alone reach the point where they become ingrained in corporate spending culture. … Read More

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