3 Ways to Ensure High Quality Spend Data

Spend Data

High-quality spend data is essential for any business looking to optimize its procurement processes. However, achieving this can be challenging. Procurement data, and in particular indirect, or ‘tail spend,’ can be difficult to manage. If left unchecked, this can lead to inaccuracies in reporting and missed cost-saving opportunities. 

Here are three ways you can ensure high-quality spend data:

1. Standardization and Classification:

The first step to ensuring high-quality data is to standardize and classify the data using a common language, format, and category system. This will make it easier to compare and analyze data across various sources and identify any discrepancies or inconsistencies. Standardizing taxonomy and clearly defining your terms will help reduce errors and discrepancies in reporting, which can lead to inaccurate insights and decisions being made based on imperfect data.

2. Data Cleansing and Validation:

Once the data has been standardized and classified, the next step is to cleanse and validate the data. This involves removing any duplicates, correcting any errors or inconsistencies, and ensuring that the data is complete and accurate. Data validation checks can also be used to verify the accuracy of the data and identify any anomalies or outliers. Data cleansing and enrichment tools can also be used to improve the accuracy and completeness of data. To streamline this process, consider investing in an AI-powered spend management solution that can automate this process while providing real-time visibility and analytics to pinpoint any issues or areas for improvement.

3. Data Governance and Management:

It is important to establish effective data governance and management processes. This includes establishing clear data ownership and accountability, implementing data quality controls, and regularly monitoring and reviewing the data to identify any issues or opportunities for improvement. Data governance and management processes should also include procedures for data storage, backup, and security to ensure that the data is protected and accessible when needed. Data governance practices can help ensure that spend data is standardized, consistent, and accurate across the organization. Set data quality standards, establish data ownership and accountability, and implement policies and procedures for data collection, storage, and use.

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By following these three steps, you can help ensure high quality, reliable procurement data for your organization. Spend automation tools, like those offered by Simfoni, can help you implement these steps (and more) to ensure you have high-quality spend data by minimizing manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. This can include using our high-powered spend analytics solution, eSourcing and other software solutions that help streamline the procurement process and provide real-time visibility into spend data.

Remember, achieving high-quality spend data is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process. Continuous improvement involves regularly monitoring and reviewing your data quality, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing new processes or tools to address any issues that arise. Investing your time and resources into your data will pay off overall, providing a foundation for data-driven decision-making and helping to optimize your organization’s procurement processes. 

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