On-Demand Webinar – Simfoni Module Showcase: Payment Terms

Payment Terms Analytics

Payment terms can have a huge impact on your bottom line, but figuring out how and how often you are paid with so much data can be a time-consuming and headache inducing burden. That’s where we come in.

With Simfoni’s Payment Terms module, you can visualize all of your payment terms data inside a customizable dashboard, and with the help of Simfoni’s AI-powered engine, you can identify areas of efficiency, uncover once-hidden patterns and trends, and realize new ways to save.

This webinar shows how our Payment Terms Module will:

  • Help you identify and track payments across your organization
  • Let you see and analyze terms of multiple vendors, helping you determine how to make your payment activities more efficient and cost-effective
  • Give you insights into payment scenarios you hadn’t considered

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Kyle Muskoff

VP, Sales

Kyle has spent over 20 years growing fintech and procurement technology companies of all stages through the implementation of a scalable and repeatable revenue engine. He uses extensive experience and deep understanding of procurement, eProcurement, and eCommerce to help organizations overcome spend management challenges in exceptionally timely, positive, and profitable ways. Kyle has a BS in Computer Engineering, MS in Electrical Engineering, and an MBA from Ohio State.

Payment Terms

Shannon Wegner

Customer Success Manager

Shannon is an experienced procurement professional with a background in sourcing for the retail, healthcare, and food & beverage sectors. As Simfoni’s Customer Success Manager, Shannon works to create a unique and exciting experience for Simfoni’s business partners, continuously monitoring their needs and successes while building lifelong, mutually beneficial relationships. Shannon holds a BS in Business from Marquette University.


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