Revving Up Your Procurement Process Part II: Incorporating Strategic Spend Terminal into Your P2P Solution

Incorporating Strategic Spend Terminal

Welcome to part two of “Revving Up Your Procurement Process.” In this segment, we will discuss the benefits of incorporating eSourcing and Spend Analytics—also known as Simfoni’s Strategic Spend Terminal (SST)— into your supplier-funded P2P solution as a tool to improve purchasing in automotive manufacturing.

At its core, SST is a powerful, closed-loop system that combines spend analytics and eSourcing, allowing companies to streamline their procurement processes and boost productivity while also reducing costs. The incorporation of spend analytics and eSourcing has become a necessity in the automotive industry where manufacturers need to procure critical inputs while also ensuring quality standards, cost-effectiveness and timely delivery. 

What is the Benefit of Adding SST?

The answer is simple: to gain insights into your spending patterns and supplier performance that can help you identify areas for cost reduction, negotiate better deals with suppliers, and improve overall efficiency in the procurement process. SST offers advanced analytics, real-time visibility into supplier performance, and automated procurement processes that can help automotive manufacturers optimize their supply chains in a way never before possible. With the incorporation of SST into your P2P solution, you can expect increased transparency and control over procurement activities, prompting better communication with suppliers as well as the optimization of purchase requisition and ordering processes. 

Let’s look at the components of the SST and how they work together to bring you these benefits: 

Spend Analytics & Tail Spend Management

Revving Up Your Procurement Process

A key component of Simfoni’s procurement solution is Spend Analytics, a powerful tool that enables companies to analyze their spend data in real time, identify areas of inefficiency, and develop strategies to optimize their procurement processes. With Spend Analytics, companies gain a deeper understanding of their spend patterns, identify opportunities for cost savings, and develop data-driven procurement strategies that align with their business objectives. This is particularly important in the category of tail spend, which is the smaller spend that occurs outside of the core procurement process but typically represents a significant portion of overall spend. Tail spend often goes unmanaged, especially in Tier 2 companies, leading to inefficiencies and missed savings opportunitiesSimfoni’s platform uses advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to analyze spending patterns and identify cost-saving opportunities. It also automates the procurement process for tail spend items, reducing the administrative burden and freeing up resources for more strategic initiatives.


Another important component of Simfoni’s procurement solution is eSourcing. eSourcing is an online platform that enables companies to manage their procurement processes, from supplier identification and selection to contract management and payment. With eSourcing, Tier 2 automotive manufacturers have access to an extensive and well-developed supply base and can further reduce their manual workload. eSourcing also enables companies to run eAuctions, which can help drive cost savings and improve supplier performance. Whether you need a simplistic solution that can handle basic eSourcing capabilities (i.e., ‘3 bids and a buy’) or more complex sourcing initiatives, Simfoni’s eSourcing and optimization solution has the functionality you need to succeed.

Supplier Management

On the subject of supplier performance, another important feature of Simfoni’s solution is efficient supplier relationship management. Supplier management is a critical aspect of procurement, and Simfoni’s platform provides a centralized database of suppliers, allowing automotive manufacturers to track supplier performance, negotiate better contracts, and reduce the risk of supplier non-compliance. By providing a comprehensive set of tools for supplier management, Simfoni’s solution helps companies to ensure that they are working with reliable, high-quality suppliers that offer competitive prices.

Compliance Management

Simfoni’s automotive manufacturing procurement solution helps Tier 2 companies stay compliant with regulations and standards. The automotive manufacturing industry is heavily regulated, and compliance requirements can be complex and time-consuming. Simfoni’s solution includes features such as compliance monitoring, risk management, and audit trails to help companies to stay on top of their compliance obligations. This helps companies to avoid costly fines and legal disputes, ensuring that companies they can then put their focus on their core business activities without worrying about compliance issues. 


Simfoni’s procurement solution for Tier 2 automotive manufacturers is a comprehensive and effective platform that helps companies streamline their procurement processes, improve supplier management, maintain compliance with regulations, and ultimately drive cost savings. With its intuitive eSourcing capabilities, supplier management tools, and compliance monitoring features, Simfoni’s solution offers a one-stop-shop for Tier 2 automotive manufacturers looking to optimize their procurement operations. 

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