What Is Procurement Software? Why and How it is Implemented?

Procurement Software

What Is Procurement Software?

“Procurement software is a form of business software that aids an organization with systemizing its purchasing functions and overall procurement process.”

Software functions comprise of issuing and assessing tenders, raising and approving purchase orders, picking and ordering a product or service, receiving and matching the invoice and order, and payment of invoices, allowing the procurement division to streamline processes and see everything that is ordered, guaranteeing that nothing can be ordered without the right approvals, and also allow to protect the best worth by merging numerous orders for the same category of goods or even attaining suppliers to bid for the business.

A buying corporation’s selection of software may be motivated by the unique strengths proposed by each individual system and the number of vendors accessible through them. An international or other large organization will make use of a shared procurement system to take advantage of markets of scale to drive down the cost of purchases and support the wider supply chain. Although some services are open to procuring through automated systems, the important strength of these systems sits within the procurement of services that are much simpler to regulate.

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An organization is, therefore, able to utilize a set of tools to assist them in acquiring certain goods and services. Digital software allows employees to virtually request a purchase from any location in the world in real-time. From a recent interview with Medium, Jason Stern, CEO for Spend Analytics at Simfoni explained the analogy behind digital procurement software as digital transformation being a step away from paper-based systems and processes toward a more structured methodology, where you can leverage data as a basis for decision making.  In other words, this entails setting up a system where information can be loaded and processed automatically, without requiring a human touch. The data within that system then becomes actionable, rather than siloed in paper files or on hard drives that cannot be accessed or utilized. This increases efficiency enormously and provides the ability to spot anomalies, which allows you to it save even more.

How does Procurement Software work & What is it used for?

Procurement software is designed to:

  • Automate the purchasing cycle.
  • Produce purchase orders.
  • Obtain and ties the order to the invoice.
  • Helps financial arrangement for goods and services acquired and received.
  • Systematizes the complete process that an organization follows.

Digital procurement software facilitates actions such as to request and approve purchase orders, pick, and order relevant products or services, receive, and match up the invoice with the order, and formulate the documents necessary for authentication of payment.

Through the use of a digital procurement solution, organizations can streamline, automate and make available the option for your employees to request a purchase from practically anywhere. Whether they are operating at a satellite office on their workstation or in the field on their mobile phone, employees will be capable of communicating with your procurement team promptly and precisely on what they require and when they need it. With an automated purchase order, promptly and succinctly converse your desired purchases with the supplier without anything going unaccounted for.

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What are the benefits of Procurement Software?

There are far too many benefits of using Procurement Software which can be drawn from Simfoni ‘s very own client success stories of using its Procurement Software to support the procurement process and supply chain. Jason Stern draws on this in his interview, ‘’One example is Dulsco, a large waste management and managed services company based in the Middle East. Dulsco used to purchase through a 3rd party. They wanted to automate their manual purchasing processes to realize savings to fund their growth plans. Simfoni analyzed their spending patterns and identified cost reduction opportunities in areas such as transportation, fuel, oils and lubricants, tires, IT, travel, construction, and insurance.  We formulated a savings delivery plan and a quick-win program that enabled Dulsco to achieve more than 10% cost savings in the first 12 months.’’

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‘’We also work with one of the most recognized commercial cooking appliance brands in the U.S.  At the point we engaged with them, their procurement processes were still largely manual. They needed to manage costs to ensure that they could continue to innovate.  They deployed Simfoni’s spend automation across their divisions and realized significant cost savings within the first 2 weeks.’’

Some of the noted benefits of utilizing Procurement Software can be found below:

Clarity across your organization –

Procurement software encourages the automation and documentation of every transaction. This allocates all specifics of how resources are being used with regards to suppliers, expense, quality; and the period it requires to conclude the purchase, all of which can be accessed in one source.

Cutting costs – 

The ability to look at a comprehensive history of what has been acquired. Procurement can operate to deliver insight into which services are being frequently purchased, which suppliers are offering the best value, and areas of high-ranking cost purchases that theoretically have further cost-effective substitutes.

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Improved operational productivity –

Procurement software allows for a more automated process which lowers the total hours spent in crafting documentation containing purchases. This can reduce the probability of errors in manual data entry and allows a company to spend hours saved on additional strategic company priorities.

Standardized system –

Generate structured procedures to set management or flexibility in every operation. This can be applied from the request and carried all the way through to the merging of payment data into the bookkeeping system.

Incorporation into the system of record –

These software’s integrate with accounting platforms, offering a link to guarantee all transactional data is recorded accurately in your system of record. Sophisticated procurement systems offer various integration opportunities, permitting organizations to have further flexibility as to where data is driven along the procurement route.

Digitized catalogs –

Organizations have a considerable amount of control and traceability when it comes to what is available through their procurement software. Package shared items together, so each person understands precisely what is required to be purchased for a joint-use case. Limit purchases to only reliable suppliers that have pre-negotiated deals.

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What is E-Procurement Software?

Procurement Automation Solutions by Simfoni

eProcurement is procurement that is operated online through a network interface or other networked structure. It encompasses a wide range of actions including spend analysis, sourcing, e-auctions, procure-to-pay (P2P) and contract management. Contacts and dealings between purchasers and suppliers are automated to improve effectiveness and decrease the overall cost of procurement. Establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage is necessary to beat the competition. Capitalizing on e-procurement software solutions is a valuable way of accomplishing this. E-Procurement systems provide personalized solutions offering exactly what you require. E-Procurement does more than computerize the procurement route, it does it better.

What is Procurement Automation?

Intricate manual workflows are time-consuming and filled with inaccuracies, decelerating the entire procurement channel. With this in focus, 70% of procurement experts are considering enhancing procurement by shifting to automated processes. By digitizing and systematizing your procurement procedures, you can substantially accelerate procurement in real-time, reduce errors, and reduce labor expenses. Procurement automation is the procedure of automating physical, repeatable actions and labor-intensive responsibilities in the procurement process. By improving procurement systems to self-execute, procurement automation frees up the procurement team to concentrate on other crucial business endeavors, while speeding up processing and cutting down inaccuracies.

What are Procurement Automation Solutions?

Automation has so many benefits that it is no surprise digitization of the procure-to-pay process is expanding. Procurement Automation Solutions are processes put into place to ensure your company’s Procurement Processes are running smoothly, to ensure you make more cost-effective purchasing decisions, and track your spending. Some of these processes consist of, automation of the purchase order processing system, purchase requisitions, invoice approvals, and record-keeping.

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