Webinar – Impact Assessment Made Easy: 6 Steps to Getting Your 2021 Footprint on Record

Webinar on Impact Assessment

We believe “Knowing” is the 1st step to changing!

The 30+15-minute webinar will cover the following topics: To changing the way, we see a firm performance

  • What is an Impact assessment?
  • How does ESG rating compare to a quantitative approach?
  • 6 pillar frameworks needed to map impact footprint
  • Procurement’s role in the assessment
  • 15 mins for questions and discussions

Impact Assessment involves calculating the impact an organization has on its stakeholders and the environment. The tool covers the 3 pillars of sustainability divided into 6 sections which include assessment of Environmental, Social, and Governance issues picking up Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality implications within that.

Although countries are mandating impact reporting, the methodology for reporting itself is not set in stone and differs vastly depending on the framework used for the assessments. Very few professionals recognize that the procurement function is the best place to conduct such assessments given it has 70% of the data required for a baseline preliminary assessment which is accessible through procurement data.

This webinar will focus on what is an Impact Assessment? How to go about conducting one? and why is this an excellent opportunity for the Procurement profession to increase its role and strategic importance in the organization?

This session is an opportunity for the sustainability, procurement, sustainable supply chain professionals along with organizations starting their journey in the world of sustainability assessments and impact mapping, sign up for the webinar here to learn more.

Webinar details: 

Date: Wednesday 07-July-2021

Time: 8 am PT; 11 am ET; 5 pm CEST; 8.30 IST

Speaker: Chirag Shah

Language: English

About Simfoni

Simfoni provides spend analytics and spend automation products to leading global enterprises. Products employ machine learning and artificial intelligence to accelerate and automate key aspects of the procurement process, saving customers both time and money in the process. Based in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East, Simfoni works “in harmony” with its customers and their vendor community to improve vendor diversity and sustainability.

Impact assessment with Simfoni 

We aim to stand true to the name “Simfoni” by adding a quantitative impact assessment model to our well-established analytics system. For socially and environmentally-conscious organizations, we offer a roadmap to operate in harmony with the environment and the community. This newly offered analytics aims to measure, control, and compare the impact in terms of dollar currency on your company’s ecosystem along with a framework to lower your negative impact.

About Chirag

Chirag Shah is the Chairman of Simfoni and has over 25 years of experience as a founder and CEO of several tech companies in the procurement sector including Trading Partners and MarketMaker4 which are highly noted. Before Simfoni he was the Executive Director at Xchanging Procurement Services – the 3rd largest procurement BPO at the time.

He has experience in working across multiple geographies including the USA, Europe, Middle East, and Australia.


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