Simfoni teams up with Gulftainer for companies overall Digital Procurement Transformation

Digital Procurement

Gulftainer announced on Thursday 15th April 2021 that it had selected Simfoni for the execution of a Digital Procurement Transformation of its business. The leading port operator has port operations and associated logistics activities across the UAE, KSA, Iraq, and the US.

Simfoni is a next-generation digital solutions provider for procurement analytics and spend automation which specialises in the provision of digital technology through streamlining the procurement process thereby reducing both process costs and third-party expenditures. Simfoni is unique in not only offering the technology but having its own team of implementation support and buying resources effectively thus providing a one-stop shop for the entire eProcurement transformation process.

Pietro Nesti, Engineering – Procurement Head at Gulftainer, expressed his thoughts on this partnership, “We started this engagement just six weeks ago, and I could not be more pleased with the results we are already seeing. eProcurement implementations are notorious for poor levels of adoption and complications with configuration. The Simfoni system was configured and operational within the first week, and we are reaching over 80% adoption in our second month of implementation. End users love the system and find it easy to use with faster cycle times and greater choice.”

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David Casey, Chief Commercial Officer at Gulftainer, said, “We think that the role of procurement has the potential to touch all parts of the organization. Digitizing our procurement was a subject that we have been considering for some time. A COVID-induced economy coupled with the need to accommodate remote working and reduced paperwork accelerated our decision to implement it. We wanted our digitized procurement to have a stronger customer focus and the necessary agility to satisfy the ever more rapidly changing customer requirements. We chose Simfoni because it was clear that they had both the global capability and the market knowledge needed to support our business.”

Zoya Ali Khan who is Simfoni’s Operations Manager within the Middle East, replied, “For Simfoni clients, the time allocated to optimising value is probably the most important measure of success. The current economic environment makes this metric even more relevant than ever. We are able to leverage our market knowledge and subject matter expertise to source deals that generate significant savings right from the very first order put through the platform.”

“I’m delighted that we are able to put this engagement into positive Return on Investment for Gulftainer within only our second month since going live.”

Chirag Shah, Chairman of Simfoni added, “The Simfoni commercial model offers a unique Pay As You Save™ option that links the cost of the digital transformation to the level of spend adoption and the benefits achieved, making this the most accessible eProcurement implementation available anywhere in the market. It is wonderful to witness yet another client valuing the benefits of our solution and I am very grateful to the Executive Board of Gulftainer for putting their faith in us.”

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About Simfoni Group:

Simfoni delivers next-generation digital transformation through spend analytics & buying automation. Simfoni’s mission is to combine Technology, Content, and Enablement Services that work seamlessly to drive operational improvement and unparalleled savings.


Spend Analytics: Simfoni offers a new breed of Machine Learning enabled Spend Analytics / Spend Analysis built for procurement professionals by procurement professionals. Our proprietary analytics platform helps organizations gain insights from their data and unearths savings using machine learning and interactive visualizations. Request a spend analysis demo.

Spend Automation: Simfoni spend automation features a powerful combination of technology, expertise, and sourcing network. Using predictive buying algorithms, we have delivered up to 23% in savings and over 30% in supplier reduction to our clients. Our guided buying module which includes a marketplace consisting of pre-negotiated deals in a wide variety of categories and from many listed suppliers. We help our clients go from a long, non-addressed tail spend to a compressed, well negotiated, and managed spend, reducing suppliers and transactions, improving savings, and eliminating risks.

Savings Management: Sourceforce App helps you transform the way you plan, manage, and report your procurement savings. Sourceforce App has built-in analytics and reporting functionality for Procurement Project Management and Savings Tracking. With a push of a button, you can clone projects, save them as templates, and collaborate with your team. Learn how Sourceforce helps you track and deliver savings when it matters the most.

Simfoni teams are located globally. Let us know more about your requirements and we can usually arrange a demo of our platform within 24 hours.

About Gulftainer

Established in 1976, Gulftainer is a privately owned, independent port management and 3PL logistics company based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and for more than 40 years it has been delivering a world-class performance to its customers. Its global footprint including operations in the UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the USA.

Gulftainer is excited to create an open, collaborative platform to lead the port industry’s revolution to create the future of the ports and logistics industry. For more information visit Gulftainer.


Book a time with our procurement experts who will provide you with a guided tour of our software – helping you to understand and visualize how a best-of-breed solution, like Simfoni, can help you to achieve your most transformative digital procurement goals.

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