Simfoni “Rising Star” Shines Bright as Finalist in SIG Future of Sourcing Awards

Simfoni SIG Future of Sourcing Awards 2023

Simfoni is thrilled to announce Jen Andretta, Solutions Consultant at Simfoni, has been named a finalist for the SIG Future of Sourcing Awards in the “Rising Star” category.

We are privileged to have such exceptional talent driving our mission forward and are confident that Jen‘s continued contributions will shape the future of Simfoni and the procurement industry in profound and transformative ways. Together, we look forward to continuing to make procurement a strategic enabler of growth and success for our clients,” said Ron Emma, CEO. 

The “Rising Star” category recognizes the exceptional talents and contributions of individuals who have demonstrated unparalleled dedication and potential in shaping the future of sourcing. 

Jen’s relentless pursuit of excellence, innovative ideas, and strategic vision have set her apart as an inspiring leader within the procurement community. Her ability to drive positive change, create fresh solutions, and build collaborative relationships with clients and colleagues alike has been recognized by the SIG Future of Sourcing Awards judging panel.

Jen’s dedication to her craft and her passion for pushing the boundaries of what procurement can achieve brings immense value to Simfoni’s clients and the industry. 

Simfoni has also been named a finalist in the “Innovations in Supplier Performance category. This accolade recognizes the pioneering work of our product engineers in revolutionizing supplier service and relationship management, making significant advancements in optimizing the supplier ecosystem.

Consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Simfoni is leveraging innovative, AI-driven technology to create powerful solutions that drive efficiency, transparency, and collaboration throughout the procurement process, and delivering solutions that exceed client expectations. Simfoni has become a driving force in shaping the future of supplier relationship management, and this recognition is a testament to their dedication and passion for making a positive impact on the lives of our clients and their suppliers.

We extend our congratulations and gratitude to Jen Andretta and the team! Their remarkable achievements not only exemplify the Simfoni spirit of innovation and excellence but also serve as an inspiration to all of us within the organization.

See all the SIG Future of Sourcing awards categories and finalists. The winners will be announced on Oct 18th at an awards ceremony in Scottsdale, Arizona. 


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