Simfoni Named Leader in Spend Analytics, Launches New Product Capabilities

Simfoni Solutions Map Validated 2021

Today, Simfoni has been named a leader by Spend Matters for Spend Analytics in the Fall 2021 Spend Matters SolutionMap. Simfoni is a next-generation digital solutions provider for procurement intelligence and spend automation, and news like this comes as no surprise. From continued strong growth and expanding the team as well as being recognized as a leading vendor for the 6th year in succession, they have proved to beat all odds even during these unprecedented months.

Solutions Map Validated 2021
SolutionMap Validated 2021

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Simfoni Spend Intelligence Platform includes Spend Automation which distills and organizes complex financial data providing granular visibility into enterprise spending, along with the predictive Opportunity Assessments and robust Saving Pipeline Management and Savings Tracking so that Chief Procurement Officers and procurement teams can make smarter decisions and focus resources on being more strategic.

“Providing actionable data is only part of Simfoni’s Spend Intelligence solution–our customers are focused on outcomes and measuring results,” said Jason Stern, CEO, Simfoni Spend Intelligence. “Simfoni Spend Intelligence provides a complete savings lifecycle that enables our customers to identify, manage and track their savings.”

Jason Busch, Founder of Spend Matters, expressed how Technology that supports spend analytics efforts includes spend classification, broader data layer support, reporting, report building, score carding and benchmarking and out-of-the-box functional reporting — and more. Spend analytics represents one of the early procurement technology implementations for artificial intelligence as well in select cases.” This news for Simfoni centered around a combination of analyst reviews and customer references, Simfoni rated the highest of all vendors across 22 categories including Customer Surveys, Functionality, Services, and Technology.

This announcement builds on an already impressive list of accolades and awards Simfoni has earned in 2021. Just a few of these awards include:

  • CIPS Middle East Supply Management Awards 2021. Simfoni took home the prestigious award for ‘Best Procurement Consultancy’ for a complex Spend Analytics Project for Dubai Holdings.
  • Gartner Hype Cycle for Procurement and Sourcing Solutions, 2021. Simfoni was chosen as a sample vendor for both Predictive Analytics and Tail Spend Solutions.
  • ProcureTech 100 added Simfoni to its exclusive list of innovative solutions providers who are boosting digital procurement and enterprise supply chain
  • Spend Matters 50 to Watch chose Simfoni as one of the rapid-rising companies in the procurement and supply chain market for the 6th successive year in a row—indicating the first time any vendor has been selected for the first 6 years of its existence.

About Simfoni

Simfoni provides Spend Analytics and Spend Automation products to leading global enterprises. The Simfoni platform utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to accelerate and automate key aspects of the procurement process, saving customers time and money and paving the way toward supply chain sustainability. With offices in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East, Simfoni works with its customers and the wider vendor community to improve vendor diversity and achieve strategic CSR objectives. For additional information, Contact Simfoni



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