Simfoni and Kearney Join Forces to Revolutionize Tail Spend Management

Revolutionize Tail Spend Management

Simfoni's partnership with Kearney, backed by an $8 million investment, marks a significant advancement in tail spend management technology

In a significant move to transform tail spend management, Simfoni has secured an $8 million investment in a Series A-2 funding round led by Kearney, a global management consultancy. The partnership aims to advance a groundbreaking composable tail spend management solution and service delivery model. This strategic collaboration will not only enhance the joint capabilities of Simfoni and Kearney but also accelerate the accessibility and effectiveness of their tail spend management program. 

Tail spend, which consists of low-value transactions and a fragmented supply base, has traditionally been undermanaged by organizations. The lack of efficient procurement processes and poor user experiences can lead to inefficiencies and unnecessary expenditures. Studies suggest that organizations could save 8% to 13% more through better sourcing practices. 

Kearney’s investment in Simfoni reflects its commitment to investing in technology solutions that enable clients to navigate complex business challenges and achieve digital procurement transformation. Simfoni’s spend management platform, powered by AI-enabled analytics, sourcing optimization, and spend automation, empowers clients to identify savings opportunities and optimize sourcing and procurement processes, while Kearney brings a rigorous program management approach to ensure sustainable results and a positive return on investment year over year.


Key Benefits of the Kearney-Simfoni Solution: 

The partnership presents an exciting opportunity to expand the delivery of comprehensive procurement solutions to complex enterprise situations. By combining Simfoni’s technology and tail spend expertise with Kearney’s agile strategic consulting approach, operations proficiency, sustainability practices, and governance expertise, the partnership is poised to drive impactful outcomes for clients. 

PeakSpan Capital, an existing investor in Simfoni, also participated in the funding round, affirming their confidence in Simfoni’s growth and innovation within the tail spend management market.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and Kearney’s expertise, the joint solution promises to deliver comprehensive procurement solutions that drive savings, improve efficiency, and enhance user experiences. This collaboration sets a new standard for accessible and effective tail spend management, benefiting organizations across all industries.


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