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Life Beyond Spend Analysis: How $3B Firm Serco Uses Procurement Analytics to Generate Strategic Business Value

So, you’ve done basic spend analysis. Congratulations, now what? How can you make your procurement analytics more strategic?

FTSE 100 service provider Serco has used spend data to help transform its business. Using spend analytics as to the tip of the spear, the Serco team developed “should cost” predictive cost models to develop better bids for potential clients — and support what every CEO wants: profitable growth.

In this webinar, you will learn how Serco uses analytics around contracts, bid support, benchmarking, ethics, and more to support business decisions — and the resulting business benefits. Serco Head of Procurement Andrew Spafford, Simfoni Managing Director Stefan Dent and Spend Matters Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell all provide expert insight on how to transform a business with procurement analytics. Registrants will explore:

  • How to take analytics beyond simple reporting

  • What role the data should play in an organization’s decision-making process

  • The business improvements you can expect to see

Other topics to be covered include the implementation of best practices and how to overcome source data deficiency. The time has come to move the general conversation beyond simple spend analytics — toward data-backed, proactive business improvements. Register now to take the next step!

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The Webinar on Spend Analytics is sponsored by Simfoni in association with Spend Matters.



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