Data-Based Negotiation Insight

Data-Based Negotiation Insight

AI-Powered Negotiation Insights
Discover Enhanced Cost Visibility And Savings

Are you paying the right prices on your direct spend? That's always the question, and never before have we seen such volatile commodity / raw material prices as in the last 12 months (not to mention the supply shortages with which many of us are struggling).

Simfoni's Negotiation Insight Solution enables procurement and supply chain teams to determine the true price of goods and services purchased at any given point in time resulting in improved visibility into cost drivers, greater savings and better priced products.

Ready to improve negotiations through fact and data-based conversations on product price?

Discover Hidden Opportunities

Achieve 100% Insight into all
Cost Drivers Commodity Data Hidden Buying Opportunities in less than 5 minutes

Should Cost Analysis

Insights into raw materials

On average 50% of the price of a product is determined by the commodity prices. Often however, buyers don’t have enough time to find a good source to check the prices claimed by the supplier. Within Simfoni’s Negotiation Insight Solution you quickly get an insight into the price developments of all important raw materials. This reduces time to research raw materials pricing to a fraction of the category managers current effort, while simultaneously increasing negotiation authority with the supplier.

Cost structure per industry

Each industry has a unique and specific set of cost drivers which are stored in the solutions database. Buyers can now use those cost drivers that have a large impact on the cost price of a product during negotiations.

Should Cost Structure by Industry
Should Cost Impact by Volume

The impact of volume

When the purchase volume increases, fixed costs do not increase. It is time-consuming to calculate the effect of larger volumes on your buying price. Simfoni’s Negotiation Insight Solution calculates the impact of a volume increase for you. With this information you will enter negations well prepared and it will put you in a good position to save costs.

SUPPLIER Cost Analysis

Simfoni’s Negotiation Insight Solution guides the purchasing use through an each and systematic way to analyse the cost structure of a product Instead of cumbersome technical “should-cost” calculations we use big data to analyse your supplier’s cost structure in only 5 minutes.

Should Costing


A report with a full supplier cost structure creates authority and trust in the negotiation, but it also takes time. In Simfoni’s Negotiation Insight Solution we generate the supplier-ready 1-pager that you need to promote credibility and start conversations on facts in minutes. We allow you to re-focus your time on preparing for the negotiation.

Discover hidden buying opportunities

There’s a different way to negotiate. Get insight into all cost drivers in less than 5 minutes. Discover the hidden buying opportunities in your business. Our negotiation insight solution is a powerful tool that equips and empowers your procurement team to furnish viable evidence to suppliers as part of negotiation efforts, helping you achieve a final contracted price that is far closer to (or even below) your target price.

Simfoni’s NIS’s cost analysis which saves time, money, and effort. It enables your procurement team to make a direct, bottom-line impact on the enterprise. Simfoni’s Negotiation Insight Solution boosts visibility by breaking down cost drivers across the entire supply chain. Maximize cost savings with competitive prices and better margins.

Supplier Diversity Dashboard

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