Tail Spend Management

Tail Spend Management

Simfoni’s approach to effective tail spend management deploys specific tools and delivery options that are tailored to the specific type of spend.

Tail Spend Solutions

Tactical spend comprises the urgent but not necessarily important spend. Infrequent or one-off in nature it consumes a lot of effort and time better spent on higher value strategic activities.

Simfoni’s Vitesse™ product streamlines the quotation management process through effective use of an automated buying desk integrated with preferred vendors.

Tail Spend Technology

For standard, repeatable spends, our Purchasing Platform marketplace enables self-service purchasing for users with a consumer-style shopping experience with the added benefit of our volume leverage to achieve great prices.



Tail Spend Software

PocketPro’s Expense management has the simplest design and easiest user experience, yet provides powerful, categorised expense reports. The expense management also includes an inbuilt currency converter for frequent international travellers. Snap the picture, upload and relax !.


Powerful Combination of Technology, Expertise & Sourcing Network

Multi-Channel & Multi-Device

Raise your tail spend purchase requests through any channel of preference, mobile app, desktop, email or even phone call; we support them all. The reporting and analytics is available in both desktop and mobile app.

Pre-Negotiated Deals

Our network and buying power brings you pre-negotiated deals for spot buys in a large number of indirect categories. These pre-negotiated deals are designed to get you up & running quickly, delivering immediate savings.

Preferred Vendors

Our ever growing supply base has more than 50,000 qualified and profiled suppliers, catering to all the major industries and categories. Scouting for competitive quotes happens in matter of hours, not days.


Request raised and processed in Vitesse is readily transferable to all the leading ERP software as scheduled flat file transfers or direct integration with the platform creating purchase orders automatically.

On-Demand Model

Our shared service buying model and automated solution provides you complete control over scaling up and scaling down the tail spend management operations. Move from millions to billions in less than 3 months.

Global Capability

Our buying power spans 4 continents and 12 countries with specialist buyers located regional hubs – Chicago, London, Dubai and Melbourne catering to clients in 8 different industries and most purchase categories.

Analytics driven
Tail Spend Diagnostics

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Tail Spend Automation


Visually Insightful, Real Time Using Outside Sources of Information


  • Rapid Data Assessment
  • Data Management Module
  • Visualizations
  • Alerts & Insights Reporting
  • Semantic Approach

Let us help you tame your tail.

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With Vitesse, we help our clients go from a long, non-addressed tail spend to a compressed, well negotiated and managed spend; reducing suppliers and transactions, improving savings and eliminating risks.