Owner Managed Business Posted by Simfoni July 2nd, 2018

Taking Insight and Turning it into Action
“Despite being a small business, I still have over 2000 customers and no longer know each of them as well as I’d like. I was blown away by the way in which Simfoni’s customer analytics could dissect my customer base and draw conclusions about how I could improve my service in different ways to different customer segments. The first year subscription paid for itself within a month.”

We all know that technology is changing the world faster than ever before. But all that digital marketing and social media stuff really only applies to Silicon Valley companies and tech startups, right?

Wrong! Today we all understand that a respectable presence on Google is important for our business, but it wasn’t always that way. And just like Google, in a few years’ time you’ll wonder how you ever thought it wasn’t important to actively manage the myriad of social media – Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on. This stuff is not just for taxi companies; social media affects not only how you make first contact with new customers but also how they perceive your brand – modern, trendy, traditional, in touch or simply dated.

It’s a pain, it really is. Digital marketing has exploded, proliferated, diversified and intensified. It’s a nightmare to manage it, especially when your entire marketing spend is less than the cost of a marketing specialist.

That’s where Simfoni can help.

  • Our digital marketing services take care of all the hassle related to your online marketing strategy. From those who simply want an up to date online presence to those who want to generate sales off the internet, we have a suite of flexible services that can be configured to suit both your budget and your needs.
  • Of course, finding new customers is only one part of the solution. Keeping them and tailoring your products and services is becoming ever more relevant. The internet allows us to micro-segment our customers enabling us to tailor our messaging in much more pertinent and competitive ways. But it also reduces the barriers to shopping and means that unless we are on top of the customer relationship management experience, competitors will be hot on the heels of your customers.
  • Simfoni offers a customer metrics service. We analyse your customer data and help you better identify your customer segments at a more granular level as well as design and implement sales enablement strategies for each segment.

If you are going through a significant phase of growth or even considering preparing your business for sale, our Corporate Advisory service combines the data-driven approaches outlined here with the expertise and entrepreneurial skills of our Directors to help you manage the transition of your business to the next stage of your corporate journey.