Consultants Posted by Simfoni July 2nd, 2018
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Data Data Data. Today’s clients are interested in Data. They want data-driven decision-making. The need to see facts not simply experience. They want to see analysis that demonstrates where they can make improvements.

But the real problem is that there is too much data. Residing in too many legacy systems that don’t talk to each other and need a lot of cleansing and even enrichment to be usable.

That’s where Simfoni comes in.

  • We understand how you want to use data.
  • We understand the need to turn data into insights that help you engage your clients in a meaningful discussion about step change, transformation or operational improvement.
  • We also understand that to derive meaningful information requires a lot of data crunching.
  • We have data scientists – on demand – available to provide the necessary support work on data management at very cost effective rates.That way, your consultants can focus their time on higher value-added activities and doing what they do best – engaging with the customer and applying insights in a strategic way.
  • From processing data to creating enticing visualizations and interpreting data to provide valuable insights into operational improvement, Simfoni is able to provide valuable insights that help ensure you demonstrate credibility and competency that helps you win new business.

Give us a try. We have deep expertise in all aspects of supply chain management, from working capital, spend management, inventory, customer metrics, revenue management etc. We’re happy to offer a complimentary ‘trial diagnostic’ to demonstrate how we can play a valuable support role in your client engagements.

We have also a developed a pioneering interactive 2x2 matrix tool called Stratify, available for download from the App Store. Perfect for client workshops and supporting decision-making in workshop situations.


And finally, you may well find interest in our pioneering app PocketPro which helps you manage the Time and Expenses of your own staff in a smartphone app that is easy and fun to use but also gives management real-time visibility of staff utilization and related costs.

PocketPro App

Time & Expenses Management