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Customers increasingly seek technological innovation within engagements.

Simfoni deploys state of the art ‘Industry 4.0’ digitization capabilities within all of its tools that help you look more professional, be more insightful, win more business and generate annuity revenue streams from your engagements.

3 industry-recognized, market-leading tools to help you deliver greater engagements:

Virtuosi™ Analytics for spend analysis and opportunity assessment
The perfect all-in-one tool for sourcing engagements: eSourcing On Demand, project management & savings tracking, IP repository
Be ahead of the curve with a Tail Spend Management solution – the latest area of procurement innovation.

Below is a quick tour of each of our products.

VirtuosiTM Analytics

Recognized by Spend Matters as a Value Leader in Spend Analytics, Virtuosi™ is used by leading corporations for its Machine Learning classification that handles multiple data systems, across countries and languages. Our unique Opportunity Assessment delivers savings assessment powered by granular data insights and supported by industry benchmarks.

SourceforceTM Savings Management

Badged as the ‘Salesforce for Sourcing’, Sourceforce™ is your ideal 3-in-1 partner. A project management tool incorporating savings tracking allows real-time visibility of progress. It also incorporates out-of-the-box features such as eSourcing On Demand, market insights and category templates to ensure your consultants have everything they need to deliver maximum value. But perhaps the best feature is the IP repository where all the sourcing documents (such as vendor lists, RFPs, evaluation forms etc.) can all be stored in one place providing both an audit trail and that all-important ‘leave behind’ that ensures the sustainability of your program.

VitesseTM Spend Automation

Today’s automation capabilities are making tail spend management a really exciting possibility. Using predictive analytics and machine learning this - once difficult to manage - area is gathering interest from many leading procurement organizations. The Vitesse™ Spend Automation suite allows you to be at the forefront of this movement by combining your skills in program management and sourcing governance with our purpose-built suite for tail spend management.

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