Rethinking Procurement:

Capturing & Realizing Savings in 2024

Dive into the world of advanced procurement with our expert panel and explore a real-world client case study.

Join industry experts and analysts for an insightful webinar that delves into the future of procurement, focusing on the innovative strategies and technologies essential for capturing and realizing savings in 2024. As the procurement landscape continues to evolve, this webinar will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to stay ahead.

Learn how you can transform your procurement strategies to realize greater efficiency and savings in 2024.

  • Gain Insights from Industry Experts:  Our panel’s combined expertise offers a rich exploration of procurement’s evolving landscape.
  • Explore Innovative Strategies: Delve into agile, responsive procurement strategies overcoming the limitations of traditional approaches.
  • Discover Cutting-Edge Technologies: Learn about the ‘Best of Breed’ advantage in procurement technology, including self-serve analytics, eSourcing, and the emerging role of generative AI.
  • Understand the ‘Closed Loop’ Process: Get an in-depth understanding of identifying, capturing, and realizing value-driven procurement opportunities.
  • Real-World Applications: Hear directly from a Simfoni client about the practical applications and outcomes of these strategies and technologies.
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Featured Speakers:

Bertrand Maltarverne

Bertrand Maltarverne,
Procurement Digitalist, Spend Matters

Bertrand Maltaverne has extensive experience in the area of procurement, and more precisely in the impact of technology on procurement processes and organizations. He currently works at Spend Matters as a Sr. Analyst covering Supplier Mgmt. and Sourcing. Before that, he worked for two Procurement technology providers after spending 13 years in the procurement organization of a Fortune 500 where he held various positions, focused on procurement technologies and processes in both direct and indirect procurement.

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor,
Senior Manager, Sourcing Analytics, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Jessica Taylor currently serves as the Senior Manager of Source to Contract Operations in Global Procurement at Sony Pictures Entertainment, where she plays a pivotal role in streamlining procurement processes and implementing innovative sourcing strategies. Prior to joining Sony, she honed her skills as a Strategic Sourcing Manager at Activision Blizzard, demonstrating a keen aptitude for effective sourcing management and supplier relations. Jessica's expertise is further backed by her Apptio Recognized TBMA certification, and specialized education from Rutgers University in Global Procurement and Sourcing, as well as Sourcing Analytics.

Ron Emma

Ron Emma (Moderator),
CEO of Strategic Spend, Simfoni

Ron Emma is the CEO of Strategic Spend at Simfoni. With a career that began in auditing at Price Waterhouse in 1994 and progressed to a strategic sourcing role at Nabisco, Inc., Ron has a proven track record in growing software solution sales, designing internet-based solutions for supply chain challenges, and expertise in strategic sourcing, and channel partner development. Ron is the founder of EC Sourcing, a company he successfully led until its acquisition by Simfoni in 2021.