Nurturing Supplier Relationships with Intuitive Technology

Empowering Connections:
Leveraging Technology to Strengthen Supplier Relationships

Strong supplier relationships are the backbone of successful procurement. Watch this engaging webinar that highlights how Simfoni’s technology can be your key asset in this critical area. Through live demos and expert discussions, learn how our platform can help you:

This webinar showcases our platform’s capabilities but also included a live Q&A session to address specific questions.

Watch today and start transforming your supplier relationships with Simfoni’s intuitive technology

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Featured Speakers:

Makenzie Gallagher

Makenzie Gallagher

Solutions Consultant, Simfoni
Makenzie is a solutions consultant with a focus in eSourcing. She helps organizations see how they can drive efficiency and reach their sourcing goals through the use of innovative technology.  

Katie Marth

Katie Marth

Senior Customer Success Manager, Simfoni
Katie manages onboarding, training, and day-to-day service to Simfoni’s procurement and strategic sourcing clients. Kathryn’s goal is to help customers achieve optimal value in terms savings, efficiency gains, services rendered, and risks mitigated across their strategic vendor partnerships. Katie managed indirect sourcing at $6B dollar retailer, Cumberland Farms, prior to working with Simfoni.