Simfoni announces new partnership with Spend Matters

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Simfoni, a leading provider of enterprise mobile apps for business, Analytics & Tail Spend Management Services recently announced it has formed a key partnership with Spend Matters. The Associate Sponsorship allows Simfoni to continue to position itself as a leader in the enterprise mobile application industry while allowing its clients to benefit from the industry expertise Spend Matters has to offer.

The enterprise mobile application industry is rapidly expanding, and the race for the forefront is constantly in a state of fluctuation. Simfoni and Spend Matters’ new partnership not only positions both of these organizations as key players in the industry but also better enables them to make their mark as significant shifts in the mobile application arena continue to occur.

Chirag Shah, Executive Chairman of Simfoni, commented, “Having worked with Spend Matters in the past, I am delighted to once again be working with the team. In my experience, Spend Matters offers leading industry commentary regarding trends, thought leadership, and vendor capability, and we look forward to contributing to the debate as the procurement and supply chain sector manage the transition toward authentically mobile applications.”

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Jason Busch, Spend Matters Founder and Head of Strategy, added, “Chirag and the Simfoni management team have been at the forefront of both technology innovation and commercialization since the outset of Internet enablement in the procurement arena. It has been exciting to watch their progress through various ventures and shifts in technology over the years. At Simfoni, the team is now pioneering the introduction of some exciting enterprise mobile applications.”

Spend Matters is delighted that Simfoni has opted to partner with them to communicate this shift toward greater mobile and field deployment in enterprise applications. Due to Simfoni’s track record for success, Spend Matters looks forward to closely watching their developments and welcoming them to the conversation about enterprise mobile applications.

Visit to find out more about Simfoni’s enterprise mobile apps and for more information about their impressive offerings.

About Simfoni

Simfoni is a leading provider of enterprise mobile apps for business spend analysis, Tail Spend Automation & Procurement Technology Solutions. Delivered through simple SaaS models, their applications provide businesses with tools and insights that help organizations improve their engagement with customers and suppliers whilst reducing significant operating costs. Their mobile applications offer superior benefits due to three key attributes: timeliness, enhanced interface, and seamless integration with legacy systems.

About Spend Matters

The flagship site of the Spend Matters Network and operated under the managing company Azul Partners, Inc., Spend Matters is a leading global B2B network focused on procurement and supply chain content with hard-hitting research, analysis, commentary, and breaking news coverage. Spend Matters publishes more research than any other analyst firm and produces unmatched subject matter expertise and depth of knowledge from its wealth of contributors, ranging from senior practitioners and consultants to technology experts.


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