Supplier Diversity in Procurement

Supplier diversity programs have existed in large corporations for decades. If your company has a deepening desire to be more inclusive and do what is right, taking action to use diverse suppliers is a step in the right direction.

Simfoni Supplier Diversity Analytics lets you compare diverse and non-diverse spend in a visual, actionable way. See trends across locations, business units, and categories.

Simfoni’s Supplier Diversity Analytics will help you:

  • Identify opportunities to spend more with Diverse Suppliers, through direct comparisons to Non-Diverse Suppliers
  • Uncover existing spend that is not getting counted due to multiple names representing the same Supplier and other fixable data errors
  • Visualize and track the diverse spending of your suppliers on goods you purchase.

Download the Quick Guide now to learn how you can start automating supplier diversity reports and understanding your diversity spending holistically.

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