Procurement Analytics

Mid-Market Procurement

Mid-Market Procurement — The Pitfalls of Current Approaches

Mid-market companies are at a significant disadvantage when compared to larger corporations — a key finding from Simfoni’s analysis of its customers’ procurement and savings delivery capabilities in mid-market companies. It’s OK to obsess about top-line growth, but what lies beneath … Read More

Analytics Webinar

Analytics Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn how Serco uses analytics around contracts, bid support, benchmarking, ethics and more to support business decisions — and the resulting business benefits. … Read More

Spend Data

How Serco Has Used Spend Data to Generate Business Value

Spend data is a gold mine of valuable information for improving the procurement process as well as driving enterprise-wide decision-making. FTSE 100 services provider Serco learned this first hand when it engaged Simfoni, a provider of spend analytics tools, to change the way it gathered, presented and analyzed its data. … Read More

Simfoni’s ‘Virtuosi’ Analytics Recognized as a leader by Spend Matters

We are delighted that Spend Matters have recognized Virtuosi™ Analytics as a Leader in their latest assessment report on spend analytics. Spend Matters assesses solutions on two primary axes; an Analyst score derived from an in-depth technical review of the functionality, and a Customer score determined from feedback from actual users. … Read More


When is Reality of Global Procurement Illusion?

The scientific community that is working on answering the question of “what is our reality — the universe — made of?” is increasingly coming to the conclusion that the underlying matter of particles, that make up our reality appear to … Read More

Spend Data

Why Most Companies Have “Dark Matter” in their Spend Data

In the 1930s, scientists discovered and started to measure the significance of invisible matter making up large amounts of the universe and everything around us. We have since learned that 96% of the actual universe is not visible and that it is comprised of 21% of “Dark Matter” that we cannot interact with. … Read More

tail spend management services

Simfoni announces new partnership with Spend Matters

Simfoni, a leading provider of enterprise mobile apps for business, Analytics & Tail Spend Management Services recently announced it has formed a key partnership with Spend Matters. The Associate Sponsorship allows Simfoni to continue to position itself as a leader in the enterprise mobile application industry while allowing its clients to benefit from the industry expertise Spend Matters has to offer. … Read More

Enterprise Mobility

How Enterprise Mobility is a Direct Product of Changing Work Habits

Just a few decades ago, many employers needed switchboard operators, mimeograph repair technicians, typists, and other employees to fill roles that don’t exist today. Now, desktop publishers, LAN operators, and Webmasters are just a few examples of jobs that would … Read More

Procurement Analytics

Procurement Analytics – Removing the Big Concerns over Big Data

If you’ve read the book or seen the movie Moneyball in the past few years, no doubt you’ve considered the opportunities to take an advanced analytical approach to your procurement activities.  You’re not alone. A recent survey published by Accenture … Read More