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Mid-Market Procurement

Mid-Market Procurement — The Pitfalls of Current Approaches

Mid-market companies are at a significant disadvantage when compared to larger corporations — a key finding from Simfoni’s analysis of its customers’ procurement and savings delivery capabilities in mid-market companies. It’s OK to obsess about top-line growth, but what lies beneath … Read More

Business Intelligence

Market Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Decision Making

Our services and Business Intelligence technology will help you better understand and react to changes and potential risks within your marketplace, industry and operating environment. … Read More

Market Intelligence

Make Better Decisions Sooner By Using Accurate Market Intelligence

Recently news broke that Caterpillar Inc. had found itself in a difficult position, having invested heavily in increasing the production of equipment for the mining and construction industries – both of which have come under pressure lately. As a result, CEO Doug Oberhelman will shortly be stepping down and leaving the organization. … Read More