Webinar – Supplier Diversity Strategies for the Education Sector

Supplier Diversity in Education

Watch Huron, Simfoni, and TealBook in a lively discussion on Supplier Diversity Strategies for the Education Sector

Panelists consist of Lisa Westgate, Director of Community, TealBook. Derek Smith, Managing Director from Huron, and Jason Stern, CEO of Simfoni Spend Analytics, Simfoni, with Shannon Wegner, Customer Success Manager, Simfoni, moderating. 

Key topics: 

  • How to identify and manage your diversity spend in Higher Education 
  • Best practices for analyzing your current spend management activities, tools and systems, and where to look for additional resources
  • Implementing technology to help define and support diversity programs

The event saw a great turnout, with attendees from various industries.  The discussion of the webinar kicked off with an open discussion around why there is such an increased focus on diversity in the education sector at this time. Derek Smith shed light as to why we are seeing this increased focus and then provided key insights as to the primary pillars of a strong diversity program for Higher Education.  Lisa Westgate also provided key insights into the primary elements of a strong program.  Next Jason Stern helped guide the conversation by enlightening the audience with key findings on how technology can help improve a diversity program in Higher Education and all industries.

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As the discussion progressed it was clear that while there are many ways to build a strong program, we must also be aware that there are many areas where programs fall short.  Derek helped shed light on some of the key pitfalls of Supplier Diversity programs and how to avoid these common challenges.  Lisa then took the audience through a journey on how data can help avoid these challenges and can help strengthen one’s diversity program and Jason pulled it all together with the use of technology implementations and Simfoni Spend Analytics.

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The Webinar concluded with two case studies where data, technology, and consulting delivered results to a client where they saw true success and savings because of a best-in-class Diversity Program and finally a look into the future of what our speakers think will be next for Supplier Diversity and Higher Education. They all think this is just the beginning of diversity programs and that ESG will be a big part of what is coming next.



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