Product Cost Management Expert Eric Hiller Appointed Managing Director of What’s the Price USA

Product Cost Management

Simfoni Limited, a global innovator in Spend Analytics and Spend Automation, announces the appointment of Eric Hiller as Managing Director of its What’s the Price (WTP) USA division, following its partnership with Buynamics, the leading negotiation insight software vendor.

As part of its wider strategy to enhance the value of spend analytics by blending internal data with third party content, Simfoni recently announced a strategic partnership with Buynamics to combine its should-cost capabilities with its spend analytics platform. Following the initial successes with that partnership, today Simfoni is announcing the appointment of Eric Hiller who joins Simfoni to lead the expansion of the What’s the Price product offering in the USA.

Eric Hiller has invested much of his career in defining and growing the space of Product Cost Management and negotiation insight.  Prior to WTP, Mr. Hiller was a McKinsey & Company engagement manager and operations expert focusing on, should-cost, design-to-value, and process improvement.  He also ran his own consulting firm, Hiller Associates.  Prior to consulting, he was the founding CEO of aPriori (a 3D CAD-to-cost software platform) and a co-founder at (a cognitive business analytics platform).  Mr. Hiller started his career product development and manufacturing at Ford Motor Co., John Deere, and Procter & Gamble.

Hiller stated: “I am impressed with Simfoni’s holistic approach to helping companies drive impact through procurement. In the past, many enterprises acquired point solutions that each addressed only a specific need, such as should-cost modelling, savings tracking, analytics and so on, but not a coordinated solution. Simfoni has crafted a suite of solutions to help the customers navigate from the full spend cube to specific product pricing insight for negotiations.  Moreover, What’s the Price takes a procurement-centric approach that, unlike previous costing specialist tools, is easily usable by a category manager.  I am excited and grateful to be part of this innovative and fast-growing team.”

Simfoni Chairman, Chirag Shah added, “When we started the search for this appointment the same name kept coming up in all our conversations. Quite simply, Eric is THE industry expert when it comes to Should-Cost and related tools that help procurement departments negotiate smarter with their vendors. With more than 20 years expertise in this very specific domain, Eric is perfectly placed to help our customers realize the value of this product – negotiation improvements from 2-10% on assemblies, commodities, manufactured components, and so much more. We are delighted to have him in our team.”

About Simfoni: provides procurement analytics and spend automation products to leading global enterprises. Products employ machine learning and artificial intelligence to accelerate and automate key aspects of the procurement process, providing rapid time to value, saving customers both time and money in the process. Based in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Australia, Simfoni works “in harmony” with its customers and their vendor community.


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