Impact Assessment Guide

There are many ways to measure impact and most of them provide subjective scores like 4/10. Simfoni uses your spend data to quantify your impact in dollars making competing projects more directly comparable.

There are six areas or ‘Impact Pillars’ where you can measure your influence on your corporate ecosystem. They can be worked on in any order, based on your corporate priorities. We cover all six in our Quick Guide, and show you how you can develop and track KPIs for all your organization’s related programs.

Simfoni’s Impact Assessment will help you:

  • Get up & running fast with our quick and easy implementation process
  • Develop clear and independent reporting to monitor and analyze impacts across your organization
  • Monetize the impact of CSR programs and corporate policies

Download the Quick Guide now to learn how to start using your data to understand, measure, and improve your impact.

Download the Quick Guide