Reforesting Baran

Help us make a lasting, positive impact on environment and community in the Baran region
Reforesting Baran

The Reforesting Baran Initiative: Breathing Life Back Into the Land

Join us in supporting the Reforesting Baran Initiative, a visionary project by The Rocket Foundation and sponsored by Simfoni. Our mission is to rejuvenate Rajasthan’s Baran region, turning degraded lands into vibrant ecosystems. For every donation, Simfoni will match the amount, making your contribution twice as impactful. Together, let’s create a lasting change for both the community and nature.

Unveiling Baran's Potential

The rebirth of Baran is more than environmental rejuvenation. We’re creating a chain of positive impacts:

  • Soil Revival: Leading to arable lands ripe for farming.
  • Boosted Livelihoods: Enhancing the income of local communities, offering them brighter futures and opportunities for education.
  • Flourishing Biodiversity: Attracting wildlife and enhancing tourism prospects.
  • Balanced Ecosystem: Mitigating climate change, restoring habitats, and ensuring the return of many disappearing species.
Baran Rajasthan India
The Reforesting Baran Initiative: Breathing Life Back Into the Land
eviving Baran: A Journey of Reforestation and Renewal

Our Plan

Our immediate plan is to build two ponds in the villages of Guwari and Bhoyal. These water retention structures will serve as the lifeblood for reviving the local water ecosystem and setting the stage for further development.


Two ponds to hold water in order to revive the local water cycle, recharge the underground water aquifers that provide drinking water, restore the soil, expand sustainable tree cover, increase biodiversity and therefore restore a basic healthy life for the inhabitants of the villages. The 2 water bodies will be built in the villages of Guwari and Bhoyal as a first step to reforest Baran.

100 trees such as Peepul (Bodhi tree), Banyan, Pakhad (white fig) will be planted and cared for till maturity. The trees give good shade and are vital for reducing local temperatures and controlling evaporation loss.

These initial efforts will pave the way for a broader 10-year project aimed at transforming 125 sq kms of degraded forest land in Baran.

The Present:

Guwari and Bhoyal Ponds

The Future: Collaborate and see the change you want:

Collaborate and see the change you want

Why It Matters: Multiple Benefits

Circular Economy through Reforestation

Reforesting Baran is not just about planting trees; it’s about creating a sustainable, circular economy. The reforestation activities will lead to soil restoration, making the land arable and ripe for farming. This, in turn, will boost the income of local villagers, significantly improving their standard of living.

Circular Economy through Reforestation

Environmental Impact

  • Biodiversity: The project will increase local biodiversity, bringing back vanishing species and contributing to a balanced ecosystem.
  • Climate Action: A mature forest can absorb significant amounts of carbon dioxide, thereby mitigating climate change.
Wildlife and Society

Community Development

  • Water Literacy: Through an internationally coordinated water literacy program, we aim to educate communities about sustainable water management.
  • Healthy Lives: Access to clean water and a healthier environment will dramatically improve the quality of life for the 190 families that are expected to benefit directly.

Tourism & Wildlife

As the environment revives, wildlife will return, making the Baran district a potential hotspot for ecotourism. This will not only boost the local economy but also provide additional income streams for the villagers.

Reforesting Baran

The Lasting Impact of the Reforesting Baran Project

Project Benefits
  1. Extended Water Availability: The newly constructed ponds are designed to hold water for up to 6 months, extending well beyond the 2-month monsoon season. This is a crucial first step towards creating a perennial water supply in the long run.

  2. Well Water Levels: The project anticipates a rise in the water levels of 30 local wells. Water levels will be monitored quarterly during the first year post-construction to track this vital change.

  3. Carbon Sequestration: With the planting of 100 trees, we expect to sequester approximately 22 tonnes of Carbon. The survival rate of these trees will be monitored annually, marking their contribution to climate action.

  1. Animal Habitats: The continuous availability of drinking water will make the region more hospitable for animals and cattle, thereby restoring native habitats.

  2. Soil Ecology: The project will result in significant improvements in soil ecology. As the soil becomes more fertile, it sets the stage for a more sustainable form of agriculture.

  3. Improved Livelihoods: With fertile soil, farmers can expect higher yields, translating into increased income. This financial boost will cover basic needs, afford better healthcare, and even secure better education for their children.

  4. Food Security: Enhanced agricultural output will directly contribute to food security in the region.

  5. Reduced Migration: By creating a self-sustaining environment and economy, the project aims to reduce the seasonal migration that many villagers currently undertake in search of better opportunities.

Through these immediate and long-term benefits, the Reforesting Baran Project aims to create a ripple effect of positive changes that will echo through generations.

Next Steps

  • Planting of an additional 1,000 trees around these water bodies
  • Engage in research partnerships and develop a curriculum for water literacy
  • Detailed 10-year implementation plan, marking out its global applicability

Expected Impact Over 10 Years

  • 125 SQ KMS of restored soil
  • 220 water-secure villages
  • 350,000 native trees planted to maturity

How You Can Help: Donate Now

Your initial donations will go directly to the Re-Forest Baran project. In return, Simfoni will provide tailored impact reports on the projects you support, and you’ll have opportunities for workforce participation, training, and mentoring.

Donate to Simfoni & The Rocket Foundation and be the change you want to see.

Thank you for your support. Together, we can restore, renew, and revitalize Baran for future generations.

* To help maximize the impact and to help us achieve our goal, faster, Simfoni has committed to match employee and partner contributions – up to $1000 per month throughout the duration of this campaign.

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