How To Build Procurement Resilience



Procurement talent is critical, yet challenging to acquire, leading to staffing shortages. Technology adoption offers a solution to build procurement resilience.

Staffing Challenges for Procurement

68% of CPOs see procurement as vital, but 44% cannot find the right talent. Staff turnover and migration exacerbate the issue, with little priority on recruitment.

Technology as a Game-Changer

Procurement software can automate routine tasks, freeing resources for complex decision-making. Simfoni offers spend management solutions, combining technology with human expertise for long-term resilience.

Simfoni's Spend Management Tools

Simfoni's procurement software and team of experts streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve decision-making. The support is ongoing, adapting to procurement shifts and company needs.

Building Procurement Resilience

Simfoni's technology and human expertise combination offers a stronger foundation for procurement resilience, mitigating staffing deficiencies and adding strategic value for the future.