5 Things Procurement Should Lose in 2023



Free Text Requisitioning

For needs that are not covered by catalogs, free text requisitioning is the preferred method. It is error prone, can be misleading, requires back and forth Q&A, and skews the spend data set.


Post-facto classification of spend

The focus should be on generating clean data from the start to finish, rather than having to retroactively re-classify purchases and invoices based on catalog data.


Account code mappings

Account codes (Cost Center, GL, Project, Asset etc.) should be automated based on pre-set configuration. This removes a barrier to entry and makes procurement more intuitive for the end user.


No PO—No Pay

No PO—No Pay has had far-reaching consequences. The policy pushed people to go through a lengthy procure to pay process. Plus, with the advent of payment solutions and cards, No PO —No Pay should just be removed.


One Time Vendor

Using a standard code for one-off purchases should be stopped due to the impact it has on visibility down the line. Cloud-based software & configuration capabilities mean all vendors can be onboarded quickly & easily.