Technology Partners

Technology Partners

Integrated Solution Partners

Our Integrated Solution Partner Program is designed for companies that offer software and technologies that complement and/or integrate with Simfoni. Partnerships with such companies enable us to offer a better experience to customers by leveraging cross-platform and cross-technology synergies. Our technology partners span various segments: supplier diversity, should costing, procure-to-pay, contract management, IT performance management.

Become a Partner offers a comprehensive suite of data, software and services to manage and grow small business and supplier diversity programs. They are powerful individually and even better when used together with a program like Simfoni.

WTP Buynamics

On average, 50% of the price of a product is determined by the commodity prices. Often however, buyers don’t have enough time to find a good source to check the prices claimed by the supplier. With WTP, you quickly get an insights into the price developments of all important raw materials and cost drivers. This saves you time increases your negotiation authority with the suppliers.


Simplify how you buy.  Unifying all your catalogs and suppliers in one place makes life easier. The Vroozi Marketplace increases employee adoption because it seamlessly fits how your employees work and live. Easily search, request and purchase goods and services anytime, anywhere. It’s flexible, easy and convenient.

Sirion Labs

Sirion Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) enables legal and contract management teams to meet the complex needs of today’s businesses by offering seamless functionality across the complete lifecycle of a contract – from authoring and signature to active in-life management through termination.


AdaptOne Supplier Diversity Management is hyper-configurable to meet your organization’s unique requirements — empowering you to achieve your goals and objectives with an ease and accuracy you can trust —so you can focus on the critical operations of your business.

Technology Partners

Simfoni is built using the top trusted technologies in the world. You can trust us to scale to support your business needs because we have the right solutions backing your business, day in and day out. We always select the highest degree of quality when it comes to technology to support your business. Whether it be our visualizations through Microsoft Power BI or our cloud based security with AWS, we have the best possible solutions in the market to keep your data secure and to provide you with the best presentation possible.

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