Improve your control over procurement spend with our intelligent mobile spend analytics solutions.

Spend Analytics
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Today’s companies are spending more and more of their overall revenue on procurement from third parties. As a result, their supplier bases become ever more complex (often spanning several countries). This makes it critically important to actively and carefully manage all aspects of procurement spend.

At Simfoni, our mobile spend analytics solutions offer many benefits to clients, including:

1.Easy Data Collection and Analysis. The starting point for good spend management is data– detailed, accurate data. This data can then be analyzed and used to determine where overspending and wastage is occurring. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. Because procurement spend in many companies is so diverse, trying to find all of the relevant data can feel a bit like looking for a few small needles in a field full of very large haystacks. Channeling all procurement purchases through our platform makes it easy for data to be automatically collected, analyzed, classified and presented in a meaningful and intelligent way by our mobile spend analytics tools.

2.Accessible Anywhere. In today’s world, people are more mobile than ever before. As a result, most people in the business world communicate and do many tasks on the go, for example, while traveling from one branch to the next or in between customer appointments. Having valuable information at your fingertips has become much more than a luxury’ it is fast becoming virtually compulsory. Our mobile spend analytics solutions put the right data literally at your fingertips by making it accessible from all of your mobile devices, e.g. your smart phone or tablet.

Improve the control you have over your purchasing expenses with our mobile spend analytics tools – backed up by a team of spend management experts.

Simfoni is a leading provider of Spend Analytics and enterprise apps for business. Contact us now to find out how we can make your business more efficient and save you money with Tail Spend Automation.