Future State of the Procurement and Supply Chain: The Magnificent 7 Event

Procurement & Supply Chain
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Procurement & Supply Chain – The Future State : Magnificent 7 Event

Procurement & Supply Chain Event by Simfoni :- Last March 23, 2016, Simfoni staged a special event supported by our partners PwC and CIPS for eminent procurement and supply chain leaders from the region hosted at PwC’s Dubai office to explore the ‘Future State of the Procurement & Supply Chain’. Jason Busch – founder of SpendMatters.com and all round procurement and supply chain guru was our star guest who came all the way from Chicago to allow us to gaze into his crystal ball to see his Ten Prophecies for what lies around the corner for us all in the digital age.And what a cracking event it turned out to be!

Chirag Shah of Simfoni set the scene with an opening address which centred on the age of digital and mobile commerce and the ‘Magnificent 7’ – the supply chain organisation of the future. Jason then sprung into action with a look into global economic dynamics and commodity price volatility followed by his Ten Prophecies for procurement & supply chain.

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