At last, an all-in-one procurement solution:

• Available On-Demand – simply pick and choose the spend that you want us to manage. • Funded out of the savings – cashflow positive from day one with fees tied to realised benefits. • Realise 10-12% reductions in third party costs without any upfront investment.

Now all businesses can access the technology, automation and volume discounts previously reserved for large enterprises.


Procurement tools ‘in a box’

  • Analytics & Savings Reporting
  • Desktop & Mobile Requisitioning
  • Buying Automation
  • Contract Management

A full-suite technology platform without the traditional license fee, set-up, implementation, training and maintenance costs.


Pre-negotiated deals

  • eMarketplace Access
  • Online Catalogs
  • Preferred Vendors
  • Category Templates

Gain from volume leverage, special vendor relationships and other supplier discounts previously reserved for big businesses.


Shared services procurement team

Sourcing specialists analysts, buyers, vendor management, contract specialists…all funded from the savings generated by our services.

To achieve the same improvement from a modest 10% procurement saving, an organization would need to grow sales by 25%, or raise prices by 5%.

A 10% reduction in spend can be equivalent to a 40-60% increase in EBITDA.



A benefits hierarchy sets out five levels of hard and soft benefits that an organization can expect from engaging Simfoni

Hard savings

10-15% cost reduction from Volume Leverage, Specification, Electronic Tendering, Demand Challenge.

10-15% reduction in third party spend


Match spend to Minority supplier quotas, focus on local/community suppliers, incorporate Sustainability measures.

100% increase in diverse suppliers

Process savings

Lower transaction and AP processing costs with a 50% reduction in vendors and associated vendor management costs.

50% reduction in processing costs

User experience

Easy to use interface = improved compliance, faster quotation cycle time, greater visibility of spend and savings.

80% improvement in adoption and 50% reduction in cycle time

Immediate staff savings

Our subscription model costs less than in-house procurement, and can be scaled up/down to match demand. We also offer staff transfer options.

Up to 100% savings from staff reduction

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