Tail Spend Technology – How it Works

The Vitesse Procurement solution comprises a technology-enabled buying solution that automates over 75% of the buying process. With optional: Marketplace, and Category Management

Process Flow

The Vitesse technology platform, backed by our specialized buying desk service, will enable you to implement and maintain a comprehensive tail spend management program. By compelling all employees to place all incidental purchases through our platform, low-value spend management becomes a viable option. The ease of access to and visibility of ad hoc purchases generally has the effect of drastically reducing out-of-policy, “maverick” purchases, one of the key focus areas of any tail spend management program. Savings can be as much as 30-50% on the purchase cost of certain items, whilst improvement in process costs can be equally significant, too.
  • Tail Spend Management Platform

Buying Desk

Locally deployed category and sourcing experts, combined with an efficient and cost effective shared service model, allows us to deliver Procurement Managed Services with an unparalleled ROI

Delivery Hubs

Our Procurement Delivery Hubs are located in Dubai, which serves the Middle East client base, London serving our European client base, and Chicago which serves our North American clients

We use the full range of eProcurement technology to manage sourcing opportunities in an optimal manner

Sourcing Specialists

Our team of Sourcing Specialists manage your purchase needs, with spend channeled through your preferred suppliers and agreements

Where no existing agreement exists, we source items from our category portfolios, which contain details of local and international suppliers

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With Vitesse, we help our clients go from a long, non-addressed tail spend to a compressed, well negotiated and managed spend; reducing suppliers and transactions, improving savings and eliminating risks.