A completely new approach to managing sourcing projects and tracking savings!

Ridiculously easy to use: simply create kanban cards for each project in just a few seconds; then drag them across the page as you complete the various stages in your custom-built sourcing process. In-built analytics updates reports in real-time.

Upload vendor lists, spec lists and tender documents to maintain a single repository of all your sourcing content that stays with your organization forever.

Savings Tracking

Your favorite CRM functionality has come to Sourcing!

Create kanban cards for each of your sourcing projects – adding deadlines, savings targets and other important data.

Use the task list functionality to keep you on track and upload project files to keep everything in one place.

That’s it. Then just drag and drop the kanban card each time you progress your project. Enjoy real-time visualization of your entire team’s activity in one place.

Procurement Savings Tracking

Savings Tracking

Sourceforce has built-in analytics that do all the reporting for you.

Simply keep your target savings updated, and our analytics engine will automatically produce easy to use reports.

You can easily navigate our charts to get real-time updates on things like savings by category, time to project completion, target savings vs booked savings, procurement savings tracking and many more.

Procurement Project Management

Retain all your sourcing know-how.

Aside from the simplicity of keeping everything related to each project in one place, Sourceforce acts as a central repository of all your sourcing files.

Projects can easily be cloned by using previous projects as templates, and best of all, when it’s time to renew a sourcing contract all the previous information can easily be accessed from Sourceforce – regardless of whether the person that did the initial project is still around or not.

The Benefits of Sourceforce for Procurement

Project Management

All your sourcing projects in one place. Full visibility in a easy to use Kanban-card, drag and drop interface.

In-built Analytics

Spend, Savings, Cycle Time and Leaderboard charts – all presented in beautifully simple, yet powerful visuals.

Savings Tracking

Savings reporting with real-time charting. Simultaneously compare target, booked and projected savings.

Simple Configuration

Options include customizable sourcing process, multi-currency, restricted views. Tailor it to match your business.

Knowledge Repository

Never again lose track of your Intellectual Property. Project files can be stored for identification and re-use later.


Setup multiple users and get cross team, cross category, cross business unit visibility. Allocate savings across divisions.

How Sourceforce Works

Savings Tracking

Get started in just minutes

A simple 3 step process. Register and configure your company. Add your sourcing steps, and default settings such as currency. Invite your sourcing teams and assign their admin levels.

At A Glance Reporting

Each user adds their own projects and the dashboard enables progress tracking at a glance. Prioritize higher value projects, identify delayed projects more effectively, re-balance workloads. A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. Sourceforce helps you track & deliver savings, when it matters the most.

Be More Pro-active!

Sourceforce’s analytics console provides simple yet powerful analytics that empowers you with real time reporting of savings, project status, buyer performance, cycle time etc. Zero in on the opportunities and challenges and be more pro-active in decision-making.

Leverage Corporate Know-how

Each sourcing project adds a wealth of category knowledge and project management experience to the procurement organization. Unfortunately, these are often left on buyer’s laptops and hidden in emails – eventually lost over time. With Sourceforce, you capture and manage this knowledge and documentation in one place and re-use it for future projects.

Out of the Box Sourcing Support

With Sourceforce, a number of out-of-the-box technology and service integrations are at your disposal. Access eSourcing tools, Market Research, Category Expertise all at the push of a button.

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