Best of breed tools that facilitate Spend Automation

The Full-suite approach is dying - Best of Breed is the way forward.

With API’s now making integration between platforms child’s play, why would anyone settle for a single vendor who has lots of products but none of which is the leader in its market? A best of breed approach allows you to select products based not only on features that best match your requirements but also support that matches your regional and cultural preferences. And of course best of breed is typically a lot better value and can be absorbed in bite-sized steps.

At Simfoni we have 3 market-leading SaaS products:

Virtuosi™ for spend and procurement analytics
Sourceforce™ for eSourcing, savings tracking, IP Repository and contract management
Vitesse™ when you’re ready to tackle that elusive tail spend problem

Below is a quick tour of each of our products.

Virtuosi™ Analytics

Simfoni offers a new breed of Machine Learning enabled Spend Analytics; Virtuosi™ – built for procurement professionals, by procurement professionals

Vitesse™ Spend Automation

Purpose-built for managing tail spend or low-value spend, our Vitesse™ Spend Automation platform is a powerful combination of Predictive Buying Technology, AI-driven Sourcing & a pre-configured Sourcing Network. Vitesse helps clients migrate from a long, non-addressed tail spend to a compressed, well negotiated and managed spend; reducing suppliers and transactions, improving savings and eliminating risks.

Sourceforce™ Savings Management

Sourceforce™ helps you transform the way you plan, manage and report procurement cost reduction activity. Savings tracking software consolidates data from savings projects and gives you real-time visibility into your project performance. It's a completely new approach to manage sourcing projects and track savings and doubles as a repository for all your sourcing IP!

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