Enterprise Customers Posted by Simfoni July 2nd, 2018

Enterprise CustomersOperational improvement. This is, in a nutshell, what Simfoni helps you achieve.

Markets are maturing, becoming more competitive and evolving faster than ever before. It’s simply not realistic to expect to keep growing by just acquiring new customers or expanding to new markets. Effective business managers need to manage all aspects of the operations cycle, from maximizing the potential of existing customers, optimizing third party spending, keep tabs on staff utilization and making working capital (cash, inventory etc) work harder for you.

  • Depending on product margins, a 5% reduction in procurement costs can generate the same earnings impact as a 15% increase in sales revenue.
  • Reducing your working capital cycle (time from product sale to cash received) can generate as much additional free cashflow as an entire month’s sales. Imagine that, just plucking out an extra month’s income – like a rabbit out of a hat.
  • Finding ways to grow without having to hire more staff massively increases the margin on incremental sales and makes the entire business much more profitable.

The examples are endless. But where do you start? How do you identify the opportunities for operational improvement? That’s where our analytics product, Virtuosi, comes in.

Virtuosi stands for Visually Insightful, Real-Time, Using Outside Sources of Information. Essentially, we extract data from your legacy systems, cleaning it up where necessary and interpreting any interesting correlations, areas for improvement, and abnormalities. We present this information back to you in our uniquely designed visualization platform which allows you and your team to quickly home in on the key issues from which action plans can be developed for operational improvement.

Based on these plans, we work with you to select the appropriate technologies – many of which we have in-house – such as eProcurement systems, time and expenses management, decision-making tools, and a digital marketing platform.

Enterprise CustomersBut the real icing on the cake is our enablement capability. All too often we see organizations subscribing for technology solutions only to be frustrated by low user adoption. At Simfoni, we maintain a team of support services that can be deployed on engagements to ensure that you get the most value from the technology that is driving your operational improvement. This can be in the form of Managed Services such as tactical buying, where we handle non-core purchasing freeing up your skilled procurement resources to focus on more strategic initiatives, or specific projects where our advisory team can come in and deliver benefits programmes in a compressed timeframe. Or your requirement could simply be project management of certain complex initiatives, deploying an independent team to encourage stakeholder communications and implementation.

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