Time and Expenses Management Posted by Simfoni July 2nd, 2018

Time and Expenses Management

Time and expenses management is made easy with our tools.

Time and Expenses Management

As the business landscape continues to change, more and more employees are working from locations other than the traditional office environment. This can be in the form of service personnel who spend a substantial amount of time traveling to customer locations, sales representatives who also travel from customer to customer, or many other types of job function.

As these employees move around, they incur expenses that must be recorded and either paid directly by the company, or paid by the employee, then claimed and reimbursed. In the case of service personnel and employees in other, similar roles, the hours spent on each job must be accurately recorded, so the client can be billed for the correct amount. A similar situation applies to people working on specific projects. In most cases, materials used and time spent on each task need to be recorded, so they can be added into the running project cost.

In all of the above scenarios, proper time and expenses management can make the difference between a job or project being profitable and running at a loss.

Traditionally, most of this tracking was done manually– for example, in the form of job cards, logbooks, or spreadsheets. This approach, though, is far from efficient and brings with it a high risk of errors creeping in.

At Simfoni, our high-tech time and expenses management solutions are built around our PocketPro mobile app platform. Using our advanced tools will virtually eliminate the need for paperwork. This cuts down on time wastage caused by employees having to spend blocks of time filling out paperwork and also reduces the risk of miscalculation as a result of incorrect record-keeping or mistakes introduced during data capture.

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