e-Catalog / e-Procurement Posted by Simfoni July 2nd, 2018

e-Catalog / e-Procurement

Efficient e-procurement systems rely on the accuracy of their e-catalogs.

e-Catalog / e-Procurement

Over the last few years, there has been a steady shift in many industries from manually based procurement arrangements to e-procurement systems. Using an electronic procurement model offers many advantages, including:

  • Time savings due to fast, easy locating of requirements and placing of purchase orders
  • More control over the process and total spend due to the greater visibility that a good e-procurement system offers
  • Access to a wider base of suppliers, many of whom may have previously been unknown to the buyer
  • Easy visibility of all available items by type, supplier, location, etc. via comprehensive, frequently updated e-catalogs
  • The ability to consolidate procurement of similar items with a smaller number of suppliers, allowing for more bargaining power for the buyer and more aggressive pricing from the suppliers as a result

However, like so many aspects of business in a data-driven operating environment, the quality and ease of access to information are critical. Not all e-procurement systems are created equal, and identifying the right set of technology components that best fit the size and needs of your organization can be very challenging and confusing.

At Simfoni, we undertake a business diagnostic using our advanced, class-leading Virtuosi Analytics technology platform as a base. Virtuosi informs our procurement specialists regarding both your business needs and the areas where e-procurement can have the greatest business impact. This kind of insight helps us to identify the features of an e-procurement solution that best suits your organization.

At Simfoni, the technological solutions we provide are also supported by a specialized buying service that is staffed by skilled procurement professionals waiting to help you locate your requirements at the best price and with the most favorable terms.

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